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  • 44" Boatmaker's Cabinet
  • 44" Boatmaker's Cabinet
  • 44" Boatmaker's Cabinet
  • 44" Boatmaker's Cabinet
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    • 44" Boatmaker's Cabinet
    • 44" Boatmaker's Cabinet
    • 44" Boatmaker's Cabinet
    • 44" Boatmaker's Cabinet
    Detailed Dimensions W44” D10” H30”
    : 44"
    Width Over Allwidth from furthest point left to furthest point right of the piece, as viewed from the front
    : 30"
    Height Over Alldistance from floor to highest point of the piece
    : Vietnam
    Country Of Origincountry where the piece is crafted, to Bassett's exacting standards of design and quality
    : 10"
    Depth Over Alldepth from back of piece to front, at deepest points
    : 94 lbs
    Weightoverall weight of the piece, in pounds
    Width Inside Door Area: 35"
    : 2.625"
    Clearance Under Itemdistance between lowest point of the piece and the floor - may be used to determine if separate items can fit underneath
    Height Inside Door Area: 22.75"
    Design + Options
    : Yes
    Multi-Step Dimensional Finishpiece is first carefully sanded, then may be purposefully distressed; alternating coats of stain and sealer are added followed by additional sanding to ensure exceptional clarity; finish distressing and hand padding for texture may then be applied to highlight grain and design - finally, final topcoat is applied
    Assembly + Delivery
    : No
    Wall Anchor/Tipping Restraint Includeditem includes hardware and instructions to attach to the wall, to protect agianst tipping in the event it is bumped or jostled
    : No
    Wire Management Holesfinished holes for electronics' cords and cables to run from the interior to the backside of the piece - allows for neat presentation and organization of electronic devices
    : Yes
    Leveling Feetadjustable glides provided under feet of piece, to account for any variation in the floor underneath
    The Spanish life; with three hour lunches and late night dinners where wine flows like water, one can imagine there was no place other than the beautiful Pyrenees where the inspiration to this cabinet was found.

    With its the tin top for serving wine, flat door with forged shutter hinges the cabinet is a stunning resemblance to the original 19th century wine tasting cabinets from the lush, mountainous and Mediterranean area or Northern Spain. Driftwood Oak finish with hand-tacked tin top.


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    Antiquities 44" Boatmaker's Cabinet $999

    Sku #6B93-0844
    Orig. $1,339 SAVE 25%
    Sale $999
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