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Detailed Dimensions W64” D19” H36”
  : 64"
Width Over Allwidth from furthest point left to furthest point right of the piece, as viewed from the front
  : 36"
Height Over Alldistance from floor to highest point of the piece
  : Vietnam
Country Of Origincountry where the piece is crafted, to Bassett's exacting standards of design and quality
  : 19"
Depth Over Alldepth from back of piece to front, at deepest points
  : 186 lbs
Weightoverall weight of the piece, in pounds
  : 1.5"
Hardware, Knob Diameterdistance from edge to edge of each knob
  : 2.875"
Clearance Under Itemdistance between lowest point of the piece and the floor - may be used to determine if separate items can fit underneath
Drawer (Top Left) - Depth: 13.375"
Drawer (Top Center) - Width: 26.5"
Drawer (Top Center) - Height: 5.5"
Drawer (Top Right) - Depth: 13.375"
Drawer (Middle Left) - Width: 26.5"
Drawer (Middle Left) - Height: 8.5"
Drawer (Middle Right) - Depth: 13.375"
Drawer (Bottom Left) - Width: 26.5"
Drawer (Bottom Left) - Height: 8.5"
Drawer (Bottom Right) - Depth: 13.375"
Hardware, Secondary Knob Diameter: 1.875"
Drawer (Top Left) - Width: 12"
Drawer (Top Left) - Height: 5.5"
Drawer (Top Center) - Depth: 13.375"
Drawer (Top Right) - Width: 12"
Drawer (Top Right) - Height: 5.5"
Drawer (Middle Left) - Depth: 13.375"
Drawer (Middle Right) - Width: 26.5"
Drawer (Middle Right) - Height: 8.5"
Drawer (Bottom Left) - Depth: 13.375"
Drawer (Bottom Right) - Width: 26.5"
Drawer (Bottom Right) - Height: 8.5"
Design + Options
  : Yes
Multi-Step Dimensional Finishpiece is first carefully sanded, then may be purposefully distressed; alternating coats of stain and sealer are added followed by additional sanding to ensure exceptional clarity; finish distressing and hand padding for texture may then be applied to highlight grain and design - finally, final topcoat is applied
Hardware Finish: Aged Brass Patina
Hardware Style : Small Knob, Large Knob, and key hole escutcheons
  : Weathered Acacia
Finishcolor and tone of surface areas
Assembly + Delivery
  : Yes
Wall Anchor/Tipping Restraint Includeditem includes hardware and instructions to attach to the wall, to protect agianst tipping in the event it is bumped or jostled
Materials + Construction
  : Asian Hardwoods
Wood Typespecies of wood used in both structural areas as well external faces of the piece
  : No
Wood-On-Wood Drawer Guidestime-honored drawer opening mechanism: drawers open and close over highly polished center wood glides
Finished Drawer Interiors: No
Screwed On Wood Back Panel: Yes
  : Yes
Metal, Side-Mounted Drawer Guidesheavy duty metal side guides that allow for full extension of the drawer and can be smoothly operated with one hand, and provide extra strength to uphold loaded drawers
  : Yes
Dust Dividers Between Drawersincludes partitions that keep dust and overflowing items / clothing from entering lower drawers
Cedar Lined Bottom Drawers: Yes
The Adelle Collection was inspired by a wonderful antique chest found in Belgium. It is characterized by soft shapes and a relaxed comfortable feel. The bed has a gracefully shaped top rail with a soft upholstered panel for optimal comfort.

The mirror reflects the shape of the headboard and is beautifully proportioned to the dresser. All cases have soft half rounded pilasters with beaded drawer detail, and a shaped base, the nightstand features cabriole legs. The knob and key hole escutcheons have an Aged Brass patina, while the wood finish is a relaxed and Weathered Acacia finish.
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Adelle Dresser $999


Available Finishes

Weathered Acacia
Weathered Acacia Weathered Acacia
Sku #2598-0237
Orig. $1,339 SAVE 25%
Sale $999
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