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  • Woven Dining Chair
  • Woven Dining Chair
  • Woven Dining Chair
  • Woven Dining Chair
  • Woven Dining Chair
  • Woven Dining Chair
Detailed Dimensions W21” D26” H42”
  : 21"
Width Over Allwidth from furthest point left to furthest point right of the piece, as viewed from the front
  : 42"
Height Over Alldistance from floor to highest point of the piece
  : 26"
Depth Over Alldepth from back of piece to front, at deepest points
  : Assembled + Finished in USA
Country Of Origincountry where the piece is crafted, to Bassett's exacting standards of design and quality
Can be customized with your choice of fabric or leather.

This wonderful dining chair can be matched with many tables. A sturdy herringbone weave adds a Caribbean feel to this chair. Multiple finish options available.
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Custom Dining Woven Dining Chair $469

Sku #4469-KC2679
Orig. $639 SAVE 27%
Starting At $469 Sale $469
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