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Accent Pillows

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Use Bassett's Accent Pillow Collection to Transform Your Home Decor

Isn't it wonderful to discover how a few small items can change the feel of an entire room?

You don't always need a huge transformation to refresh a room design. The right, targeted approach can yield the desired results with minimal expenditures and almost no time. If you're hoping to breathe some new life into an incumbent design, a few accent pillows can make a difference.

Shop a great selection of decorative pillows in Bassett Furniture's outstanding collection of furniture accessories, including:

Bassett Furniture's accent pillowcases come equipped with a zipper for easy access to the pillow insert and cleaning purposes.

Our Decorative Accent Pillow Styles

Adding a little style and aesthetic with accent pillows is a tried and true way to tie an interior design together. We carry pillows with hundreds of designer fabrics, materials, and colors, and we guarantee there is something here to fit any style or taste.

Accent Pillow Colors

Decorative Accent Pillow Materials

Accent Pillow Shapes

Accent Pillow Sizes

The size of your accent pillows makes a statement. Is the statement going to be a big one or a small one? That's up to the size and quantity of your accent pillows. For something like a sofa, it's common to see several small or medium size accent pillows. However, for adding a little style to a bedroom or guestroom, a couple of oversized pillows paired with a few smaller ones usually is what you'll see.

Pillow Widths

The Versatility of Accent Pillows

Our customers love our accent pillows because there are no rules! You can place accent pillows on virtually any piece of sitting furniture in your house. Of course, you have your sofa or sectional, but don't forget about your recliners, love seats, accent chairs, and the furniture in your covered outdoor spaces. Who's to say those sitting pieces can't feature a vintage throw or pillow set? The best part is that you can mix and match accent pillow covers or have a consistent theme throughout your home. The choices and possibilities are all yours.

Arranging Your Decorative Pillows

You can find decorative pillows in almost any room of a home. However, how you deploy them changes with the furniture they adorn and the purpose they serve. Here are a few suggestions for your accent pillow arrangements.

Sofa Accent Pillows

Sofa accent pillows should provide comfort in addition to a pleasing aesthetic. As such, consider arranging pillows on every sofa seat so that everyone gets the benefit of extra comfort. Accent pillows on a sofa can offer additional lumbar support.

One of the keys to decorating with accent pillows is to use pillows of different sizes. Pillows of varying dimensions add complexity and depth to your room design.

One way to apply the concept is to pair a pillow of a smaller size with a more oversized accent pillow. Place pairs on each end of the sofa for balance. A middle pillow can help complete the look and provide a comfort aid for every person sitting on the sofa.

Accent Pillows for Living Room Chairs

You certainly won't fit as many pillows on a chair as on a sofa, so it's perfectly acceptable to have just one. And, if your living room chairs are of a quiet tone, this is your opportunity to use some bold, bright colors and put the accent pillow to literal use.

For comfort, consider a rectangular-shaped accent pillow that stretches across the entire seat and provides extra lumbar support for your back.

If aiming for a more decorative purpose, two smaller square pillows in each back seat corner is a classic look. A smaller rectangular pillow is a natural addition to a three-pillow set.

Decorative Pillows for the Bed

The bed is where accent pillows go to walk the runway. Some epic bedroom accent pillow arrangements feature a dozen or more multi-shaped, artfully adorned pieces.

At Bassett, you have a wealth of selections of all sizes, shapes, and designs to help you construct your masterpiece. Your bed is your canvass to create beautiful pillow art.

Visit Bassett Furniture

You'll need some furniture for all those accent pillows. Find a Bassett Furniture store nearest you and check out a great selection of living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture to help refresh your home decor.

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