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Floor Lamps

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Shop Designer Floor Lamps Online

Floor lamps play a crucial role in improving the style and design scheme of any space. Designer floor lamps increase the appeal and comfort of a room by adding to the ambiance of your space. We have several floor lamp styles and designs available, so you can choose what suits your taste and preferences.

Add a touch of elegance to any room with a tall floor lamp. A must for most living rooms, floor lamps are more than simple decorative elements. Especially effective in small rooms, well-designed floor lamps can create a sense of drama while making the space seem taller than its actual height.

The clean silhouette of a pharmacy-style floor lamp has a chic sophistication that's timeless. A candlestick style lamp looks great with traditional and contemporary styles alike. Your room's intended use will help determine the type of floor lamp to purchase. Whether you're looking for dispersed light or a more directional light, we've got the floor lamp for you.

Stop by today to see our collection of floor lamps for yourself. You may find yourself inspired by our other timeless furniture collections.

Floor Lamp Styles

When choosing a style of lamp, it's essential to consider the room's function first. If you're going for something contemporary, something like a candlestick style would be a great fit. On the other hand, if you're looking for something sophisticated, a pharmacy-style lamp would be a better pick. No matter the style of floor lamp you are looking for, we are sure to have something to match your taste.

Floor Lamp Colors & Finishes

The easiest way to pick a floor lamp finish while simultaneously creating an appealing space is to mix and match colors and materials. When determining the color or finish for your lamp, consider current colors in your room. Don't be afraid to be bold when picking a finish for your piece. Often the best color combinations lie across from each other on the color wheel, and a sharp difference can make a huge impact. If you need help picking a color or finish for your floor lamp, book an appointment or stop by any local store to see our complete selection of 800+ designer fabrics, colors, and materials. Whether you need to ask a question or need an entire dream room done right, we're here to help.


Floor Lamps F.A.Q

We answer the most common questions about floor lamps.

How can I make my floor lamp brighter?

The only way to make your floor lamp brighter is to replace the bulb with a higher wattage. A typical 40-watt bulb equals 400~ lumens, so it's a safe bet to take your wattage and time it by 10 (x10) to find the approximate number of lumens.

Are floor lamps still in style?

Yes, not only are floor lamps still in style, they are becoming increasingly popular.

How do I choose a floor lamp for my living room?

There are many things to consider when deciding which floor lamp to choose for your living room. First, make sure that you have enough room for the lamp you choose. Then, make sure to find a lamp that matches the style of the space. Finally, ensure that the lamp is going to give off enough light for its ideal use.

How many floor lamps should be in a room?

How many floor lamps you need depends on how much light you want in your space. Sometimes you will see either one large floor lamp with a high lumen bulb or several smaller floor lamps that emit less light each but combined equal enough for a regular living room.

Can a floor lamp light a room?

Yes, a floor lamp is enough to light a room in most cases. But keep in mind, a lamp's ability to light a room depends on not only the lamp but the wattage/lumens of the lightbulb you use with your floor lamp.

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