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Shop Area Rugs & Floor Rugs for Every Home, Online

Area rugs are instrumental in setting the color scheme in your new home. A solid or patterned area rug can accent different design styles, furniture choices, and wall colors. Rugs inspire us to experiment with a variety of new color schemes. Create a new color palette today with our adaptable and stylish assortment of area rugs.

Textures and ornate patterns add visual interest and work together with other décor elements to create a unique and exciting look. At Bassett, we have more than just an incredible selection of solid and patterned rugs. Choose from medium pile or shag, machine woven, or hand-tufted. We have design professionals ready and waiting to assist you in creating the ideal room or rooms for your new home.

Buying the Perfect Rug

When buying a rug for your living room, bedroom, great room, or anywhere else, you have to consider a few design choices, as well as the rug size you need.

Picking A Rug Size

Choosing the right size rug for your living area is incredibly important. Be sure to measure your room's dimensions and browse for the right rug size accordingly. Our selection includes rugs of various sizes and shapes to match any room's size, and whether you need a runner or a full rug, Bassett has it covered. If you're having trouble, reach out to our design consultants for help with choosing the perfect rug size.

Rug Widths

Rug Length / Depth

Choosing Rug Materials

Every room has a theme, and the material of your rug can make your room's theme pop. Shag or pile rugs add a comfortable and casual feel and are great for playrooms, family rooms, or bedrooms. Machine-woven rugs are versatile and adapt to any room's style, including the kitchen. Hand-tufted rugs are best-suited for formal settings, like dining rooms or near the front door.

Bassett's wide selection of rugs features long-lasting materials and durable construction.

Deciding On A Rug Design

Choosing the right rug design is instrumental in setting the tone of a room. For instance, the Roma line of rugs is adaptable to many styles of rooms, and our vintage Esha rug perfectly conforms to formal dining settings with grace and ease. Create an air of sophistication with our patterned rugs, or take a more traditional, singular route with our solid-colored rugs.

Choose the correct style of rug for your room with the help of Bassett's design consultants and take control of your home's theme.

  • Abstract - A modern take on rug design. A modern rug will usually feature random or abstract patterns. However, it will still retain some predictable form.
  • Animal Style Rug - Rugs that are perfect for any animal or nature-themed space.
  • Classic Style Rug - Perfect if you're trying to evoke class and distinction, our classic rug styles are perfect for putting the finishing touch on a classically designed space.
  • Contemporary - A contemporary rug style is a modern style that can either be bold or subtle. We often see contemporary rugs in new homes or those with a modern design.
  • Floral - These rugs are perfect for giving any space a natural breath and go great if you have plants in the area.
  • Geometric - These rugs offer modern design with multiple geometric patterns and shapes and bring a trendy style to any space.
  • Ombre - An ombre rug transitions from one color to another and can appear abstract at first look. However, because an ombre rug goes from one color to another, you can use them to connect two different rooms with two distinct styles. Often seen in rooms with a sophisticated design, ombre rugs are an easy way to add style to a room needing a transition.
  • Solid - A solid design rug is a perfect choice to convey a color or theme. A huge splash of color on an area rug or runner can stand out and tie a room together.
  • Stripe - A striped rug can be a bold choice for a space. Not only do striped designs break up the style, but they can also lead your eyes around the room, highlighting other design choices in the process.
  • Traditional - Sometimes, the best style is a traditional one. These rug designs invoke some of the most classic designs seen on rugs over the last century.
  • Transitional - A transitional rug combines both modern and classic styles. Usually, you will see a classic or traditional construction of the rug, but with modern design elements, prints, or patterns.

Selecting Rug Colors

When picking a color for your rug, don't be afraid to be bold! Often, the best color combinations of rugs and decor lay across each other on the spectrum. So don't be scared to mix and match your rug color to your decor. If you need help picking the perfect rug color, our interior design consultants are standing by to help you choose the perfect rug for your space.

Different Types of Rugs Explained

When picking a rug, some can get confused by all the rug-specific terminology that sites throw around. What exactly is a runner anyway? We list the top rug types, along with their uses.

Area Rugs

An area rug is one of the essential parts of home decor. The purpose of an area rug, as the name suggests, is to cover a large area of space. You usually see area rugs in a living room, den, or large room with floor space to cover.


A runner rug is longer than wide, often made to fit a hallway or long narrow space. Outside of this, runners don't differ from other rugs. Some rugs match the description of a runner and different rug types simultaneously.

Door Mats

A doormat is often a small rug used to clean off one's shoes when you enter or to tie the style of a space together. They are similar to outdoor or bathroom rugs because they are commonly stain-resistant, moisture resistant, and easily washable. You can place a doormat either inside or outside, depending on your preference.

Outdoor Rugs

An outdoor rug should withstand harsh weather and elements. They typically feature performance material that will resist moisture and UV damage. Plus, you can usually clean outdoor rugs with something as simple as a garden hose.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

How does an indoor/outdoor rug differ from either an indoor or outdoor only rug? Great question. Usually, indoor/outdoor rugs feature weather-resistant material. However, they still retain some of the comforts of a luxurious indoor rug.

Washable Rugs

You can wash a washable rug in a regular washer and dryer. Most rugs are too heavy to be placed in a washing machine and should be shampooed or treated on the floor. On the other hand, a washable rug can usually be removed from the floor or rug pad and placed in any household washer and dryer for cleaning. The exception to this is if you have a bigger rug size than a washing machine will allow, in which case you will need to use a commercial unit at a laundromat or dry cleaner.

Bathroom Rugs

A bathroom rug needs to be semi resistant to water and moisture. If this was not the case, you could encounter issues like mold and mildew. Make sure if you plan on using a rug in the bathroom that it is created or suited for moisture. Another critical feature to consider when looking at bathroom rugs is if they are easy to clean. For example, will a quick handwash clean your bathroom rug, or does the rug have lots of fibers that would dictate the use of a regular washer and dryer?

Rug Pads

A rug pad is a layer of slip and stain-resistant material designed to go under a standard rug. The rug pad protects the flooring from any scratches that may happen because of the rug rubbing against the floor and helps secure the top rug from movement caused by foot traffic. A rug pad also services to create a set spot for your rug. If you remove it to clean it, it can go back to the exact place because most rug pads secure to the floor with double-sided tape or specific rug pad material.


Rugs F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

We answer the most frequently asked questions about rugs.

What color rug would match my living room?

The best color rug for your space depends on your current furniture and style and your personal taste. Sometimes, the best color combinations are across from each other on the spectrum. So don’t be afraid to mix-and-match colors to make a bold statement. If you need help picking the perfect rug color, our interior design consultants can help you choose the perfect rug color to create a stylish space.


What size rug should go under a king-size bed?

As a general rule, you want your rug size to be at least 8 to 12 inches of space from the edge of the bed to the end of your under-bed rug. The most common under-bed rug for a king bed is 9 ft by 12 ft but can sometimes run longer or wider depending on the style.

Do rugs look good on carpet?

Yes! We think rugs with the right patterns or colors can pair well with carpeted floors. Also, having an area rug on top of a carpet can give you lots of opportunities of mixing and matching styles, patterns, and colors to give your space some “wow” factor.

What rug is best on hardwood floors?

There is no one “best” type of rug for a hardwood floor. Rather, the best rug depends on its use, the level of style you’re looking for, and the level of traffic an area receives. For example, Wool is the most common choice for a rug to cover a hardwood floor. This is usually because wool is durable, does not scratch or harm the hardwood underneath it, and comes in hundreds of styles and colors to match any space.

Will an area rug ruin carpet?

Not usually. However, you should pay close attention to the textures of the carpet and rug. For example, area rugs typically work best over loop or short-pile carpet because of the contrasting textures. The texture difference ensures that your rug doesn't matt down the carpet underneath it.

Do I need a rug pad?

A rug pad is essential to extending the life of a rug, no matter where you place it in your home. Rug pads protect both hard floors and carpet from wear and tear in high-traffic areas. There are other advantages to a rug pad, such as keeping area rugs secured in place despite ample foot traffic. Typically, you can secure your rug pad to the floor to ensure both it and your rug don't move.


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Whether you’re looking for a seasoned professional to consult with, or you know just what you’re looking for, we’re here for you. We’ve got everything you need, from area rugs to pads. Stop by your nearest Bassett location and make an appointment. Or, use our convenient online appointment booking.

Either way, our designers are ready to help you, free of charge. Visit us in-store today for your free design consultation.


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