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Solid Rugs

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A key to decorating or redecorating a room is knowing where to start. Solid area rugs can make the process a great deal easier. Once you’ve selected a pleasing, solid color rug, you can take your furniture color and finish cues from there. Love patterns and textures, a solid rug is great choice? Additionally, your rug choice can help dictate the wall décor and mirrors that you choose to effectively create a cohesive and attractive motif. Before you purchase a piece of furniture, it all starts with your choice of a solid rug.

Experience the ultimate in warmth and cozy comfort with a selection from our handmade collection of area rugs. Take in the plush, luxuriousness of one of our solid, shag rugs. Run your fingers through velvety soft neutrals and rich, elegant jewel tones.

For variety and style, there is no better place to shop for solid area rugs than Bassett Furniture.

Design Your Dream Room, Rug and All 

While an attractive area rug is always a good place to start, you’re not in this alone. At Bassett, our design consultants take great pride in their ability to work with homeowners to create the home of their dreams. That means providing expert assistance, aesthetic or practical guidance with area rugs, furniture and wall decor.

Whether you’re in need of step by step recommendations or just a little bit of guidance, a friendly and knowledgeable design consultant is at your disposal. Simply stop by your nearest Bassett location or use our handy online appointment booking to reserve a time to speak with one of our design team. Together, we’ll make a room that turn heads and feels like home.

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