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Refresh Your Home with Wall Art Decor from Bassett Furniture

Complement your furniture and enhance the atmosphere of your home with your choice of stunning wall art decor from Bassett Furniture.

While the furniture in any given space defines its purpose, the right choice of wall art decor can highlight a room's natural features and accent its look. After all, no two rooms in your home are the same. Every space has its unique feel, and complementing your space with modern wall decor can add a distinctive flair to your room.

Set the perfect tone and create a spectacular blend of colors and textures in any room with your choice of traditional and modern wall art decor pieces from Bassett Furniture. You'll find a great lineup of tapestries, wall hangings, framed and unframed prints to help you add a special touch to every room in your home.

Add new flair and express your style by shopping for a great selection of wall art decor in our accessories collection.

Wall Decor Type & Material

The type of material you choose for your wall decor can say a lot and give your space a specific feel. For example, geometric wall art or textile designs convey a modern look, and wood or traditional framed art gives off a classic and sophisticated feel.

Designing the Perfect Wall Art Decor for Your Home

Selecting art to decorate your home is a highly subjective and personal process. There are plenty of styles to choose from to satisfy your unique tastes. But, everyone should follow one overarching rule – choose what you like.

Of course, there are specific strategies to consider when trying to refresh the look of your home decor. You can't count on small to decorate an ample space. Grouping several smaller pieces together can help you fill up an empty wall space of sizable proportions if your preferences lie with artwork of smaller dimensions. This gallery can work great with a collection of similar pieces or works by the same artists.

If you're decorating a large room, consider including at least one oversized piece of art. Determine the location of the most significant artwork and plan smaller, supportive items around it.

If you enjoy variety and don't mind changing scenery, try rotating your artwork with the seasons. Darker blues and charcoal grays are perfect for the winter months, while earthier tones, including browns, yellows, and oranges, work well during fall. In the spring and summer, take advantage of pieces with brighter hues.

Get Help Accessorizing Your Existing Home Decor

Most everyone can find artwork they like to decorate their homes. Blending your choice of wall art with your existing decor, on the other hand, might be a task you could use some assistance with. If that's the case, our experienced design associates are available to help.

Schedule a design consultation today if you'd like an experienced hand to help guide your creative choices. You can also request a virtual appointment and get help without ever leaving home.

Wall & Home Decor Colors

We carry wall art that fits any color scheme or design. Need help picking the color scheme for your wall decor? Contact us, and we can get you in touch with one of our home design consultants that will walk you through the process.

What are you designing your room for? Black and white pictures may go well with contemporary room designs, abstract, multi-colored paintings in almost any room, and illustrations of physical objects like flowers may go well in more traditionally-inspired rooms. Our paintings are easy to hang and significantly impact the room's overall atmosphere.

Wall Decor Design Styles

We carry wall decor in various popular and well-known styles to fit any interior redesign. We have the type you're looking for, from floral designs to abstract patterns.

What are you designing your room for? Our curated collections make a statement about who you are or what you like. Our fine art features an abstract design with a free-flowing, open style that meshes well with contemporary art styles. Others are fit for more traditional, farm-style rooms.

Alternating the shapes of your wall decor can be a great way to add some additional style to your living room, bedroom, or dining room. Adding a picture above your bed is a great idea, and don't be afraid to buy an oversized one that's almost as long as your bed frame to fill up your wall space.

You can also add mirrors to your room. Hanging mirrors reflect light and make smaller spaces feel bigger and brighter than they otherwise would. For more design inspiration, see our article on how to decorate a wall.

Bassett Furniture's Wall Decor

Are you looking for more than just wall art for your living room? We strive to make it easy with our extensive online collection of accent furniture. Tools like our room planner can help you in the decision-making process.

Check out our massive selection of Bassett Furniture home furniture collections in-store with the help of our experienced staff. If you're not available at the time, you can do it at home from the comfort of your computer. Browse our massive selection on our online storefront from your sofa.

Our design consultants are even available to you at home! We can video chat or come over to your home for an in-person visit. Whatever works best for you, we're ready to adapt.

Find a Bassett Furniture store nearest you, and pay us a visit (virtual or not) today.

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