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Shop Wall Décor, Art, & Accessories Online

Some say to think of wall décor as an add-on to the room's furniture. While that can be effective in design, your wall décor can also be the focal point, like a gallery wall. Suitable wall clocks, mirrors, or wall art can transform a room from an afterthought to a sensation.

Take a look at your emptier walls, perhaps one dominated by a single doorway or window. Imagine a cohesive color theme and decorative motif. Think about how your wall décor will contribute to and carry over the same vibe as the room's furniture. Now, it's time to put your creative hat on and begin designing! Browse the many wall décor options and choices featured at Bassett Furniture.

Free Shipping on Many Wall Décor Items

There are distinct advantages to shopping with Bassett, the premier name in living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture, and free shipping is one of them. Many of our wall clocks and mirrors deliver with no shipping cost. With a 100+ year reputation for quality, you know that the furniture you've purchased is top quality and will arrive in top shape. If there are any questions regarding your shipping, our industry-best customer service department is here to help.

Types Of Wall Décor

We carry a range of options, including clocks, mirrors, and wall art made of hard materials and textiles. No matter the design, we have something that fits.

Wall Décor Material

Picking a material for your wall hangings and décor can be daunting. But rest assured, we know you'll find a material you love! The type of material you should pick all depends on your personal preferences and styles. Want something classic? Then Wood it is. Are you looking for a modern look? In that case, Acrylic or Glass might be the way to go.

Wall Décor Shape

Were you thinking of adding some creative shapes to your living space? Getting something out of the ordinary can set a room apart and give it a different feel. For example, more traditional round or square wall décor pieces provide a classic feel, while geometric elements like hexagons and octagons convey a modern feeling.

Wall Décor Design Styles

The style of your wall décor can make or break a space. That's why we carry a wide array of styles and shapes to fit any taste or aesthetic. From abstract geometric shapes to cylindrical industrial designs, we have décor that fits any type of vibe. On top of that, we carry a wide array of wall decoration finishes, fabrics, & color options.

Our Wall Décor Orientations

FAQs Regarding Wall Décor

How to decorate a wall in a bedroom?

There are many ways to decorate bedroom walls. One of our favorite ideas is to create the look of an eclectic collage with various pieces of artwork. The pieces of artwork in your bedroom do not all have to be from the same collection, but we recommend sticking to a common theme. You could also keep it simple by hanging larger single pieces on your bedroom walls. We typically see most framed pieces adorning bedroom walls with a landscape or horizontal orientation. Whatever design concept you decide to go with, be sure to choose pieces with colors that you find soothing. After all, your bedroom should feel relaxed and cozy.

How to decorate a wall on a staircase?

For the walls that line staircases in a home, most people want smaller pieces that they can spread out to take up more space. You may also want to stagger your décor pieces upward so friends and guests can easily view each piece as they're going up and down. A general rule for décor on stairway walls is one piece for every four steps. This pattern keeps the wall from looking cluttered. Also, keep in mind to avoid elements that protrude too far off the wall to keep people from getting caught on them; this could be especially dangerous on a staircase.

Should you have décor on every wall?

When it comes to hanging wall décor, you do not need a piece on every wall in your home. Empty walls can be used as another design element to highlight your décor.

What is an accent wall color?

An accent wall color is a consistent color that someone uses to compliment the primary color of the walls in their home. An accent color can lighten or darken a room, and we typically find it included in wall décor pieces throughout a home.

Where to Buy Wall Décor From Bassett Furniture

When you're ready to select the home décor piece of your dreams, head over to the Bassett store nearest you to pick them out. Bassett Furniture also offers design services to ensure you're getting the most out of every room in your home.

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