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American Made Accent Tables

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In the 1980’s, furniture manufacturing became more globalized. Considerably more furniture was made in Asia. As a direct result, craftsmanship suffered. Since then, consumers have expressed an increasing preference for furniture that is durable, attractive, and AMERICAN MADE. To that end, Bassett introduces its Bench*Made line of hand crafted accent tables and end tables. Unlike the furniture one might find from an overseas manufacturer, Bench*Made end tables are handmade by real, honest to goodness craftsmen. 

American Made Accent Tables and End Tables 

When you order a custom accent table from Bassett, it is not made on an assembly line. Rather, each piece is created one at a time by a Bassett artisan furniture maker in Bassett, Virginia. Your custom accent table is hand cut, planed and sanded by a furniture artist with a vested interest in making you, the consumer, happy with your purchase.

The wood for Bench*Made products is sourced from the Appalachian region of the United States, thereby guaranteeing that your hand crafted end table or accent table is truly “Made in America” from start to finish.

Creating Your Custom End Table

Everything about your hand crafted table is custom made, one at a time. That means that the piece your furniture craftsmen makes for you will be specific to your personality. You can choose a more rustic “Live Edge” look or the more linear, contemporary look of our “Classic Edge” option. With 15 different finishes available to choose from, you can be sure that you’re new handmade end table will fit in perfectly with your existing Bench*Made living room furniture, too.

Handcrafted in Virginia Just for You

In addition to our handmade end tables and accent tables, you’ll find artisan made living room, dining room and bedroom furniture, too. Every single piece is “Made in America”.

Made of the finest materials by the best artisan craftsmen, you can expect your new Bench*Made furniture to last a lifetime. Stop by a Bassett showroom for the “touch and feel” experience. Experience the authentic wood grains and stunning finishes yourself. And know that whether you shop online or at one of our many locations, you’ll own the finest in American made furniture.

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