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American Made Bedroom Furniture

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The furniture industry is going through a renaissance of sorts. Furniture buyers have made it clear that they will no longer settle for cheap knock offs created in assembly lines overseas. They want the same handmade, wood bedroom furniture they grew up with. They want American made bedroom furniture.

At Bassett, we’re listening. With our new Bench*Made line of custom made bedroom furniture, we’re bringing back “old school” furniture making. Bench*Made bedroom furniture is American in every way. Made from Appalachian red maple and hand crafted by our furniture makers, each piece is made to reflect your individual sensibilities. 

Each custom, American Made bed is created one at a time by a Bassett artisan craftsmen. All wood and components and sourced from American suppliers. 

What does “Bench*Made” mean?

At Bassett, you won’t find an assembly line. There are no templates. Each and every Bench*Made piece of bedroom furniture is custom made especially for you by our artisan furniture makers. This process is our guarantee to you. You know that your handmade bedroom furniture is made of the highest quality materials and built to last.

American Made Bedroom Furniture

In addition to our hand crafted bedroom furniture, you’ll find artisan made dining tables and chairs, hand crafted end tables and so much more. Each single piece is created to match your personal aesthetic. Everything about your new furniture is “Made in America”.

Owning your own hand crafted, wood bedroom set is no longer an elusive dream. Affordable, American made bedroom furniture is within your grasp. It takes nothing more than a short visit to your nearby Bassett Furniture showroom. If you prefer to shop online, that’s fine, too. Either way, you get the high quality workmanship and reputation that only Bench*Made can give you.

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