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American Made Beds

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There’s no debating the fact that hand crafted, wood looks beautiful. Solid wood can withstand an incredible amount of wear and tear. Additionally, handmade, wood beds require little maintenance. However, not all hand crafted beds are created equal.

American Made Wood Beds 

The custom made beds from Bassett Furniture differ considerably from the ones you’ll find at other furniture retailers. Bassett’s Bench*Made line of hand crafted beds and bedroom furniture are American made from start to finish. In fact, all materials used in creating your custom wood bed are sourced in the eastern United States, too.

It starts with red Maple harvested from the Appalachian region of the United States. Lumber is handpicked to ensure that it meets quality standards. Individually, each part of your custom wood bed is cut, hand planed, sanded and finished. It’s a throwback to times when quality and attention to detail mattered more than shareholder profit.

At our facility in Bassett, Virginia, you won’t find an assembly line. Just top notch furniture makers exercising their craft; making the finest, hand crafted wood beds on the market today.

Creating Your Custom End Table

Everything about your hand crafted table is custom made, one at a time. That means that the piece your furniture craftsmen makes for you will be specific to your personality. You can choose a more rustic “Live Edge” look or the more linear, contemporary look of our “Classic Edge” option. With 15 different finishes available to choose from, you can be sure that you’re new handmade end table will fit in perfectly with your existing Bench*Made living room furniture, too.

Custom Beds Made Specifically for You

From headboards to frames, each and every part of a Bench*Made hand crafted bed is made one at a time by a Bassett craftsmen. You choose the wood cut based upon your personality. There’s the linear, classic lines of the “Classic Edge” or the more rustic, curved look of the “Live Edge” cut.

Your handmade bed is hand finished, too. With 15 different finishes to choose from, you’ll be able to create the perfect look for your new custom bed, even if you’re adding the piece to existing furniture. Additionally, you can choose from over 800 fabrics should your custom bed require an upholstered headboard.

100% American Made

In addition to our handcrafted wood beds, you’ll find artisan made living room, dining room and bedroom furniture, too. Every single piece is “Made in America”. Whether you shop at one of our many showrooms or visit us online, you’ll come to know Bassett’s Bench*Made furniture as honest, authentic and 100% American.

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