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American Made Dining Room Furniture

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Don’t be confused by all the hype. Custom made doesn’t necessarily mean “American made”. Nor does it guarantee workmanship. That’s what makes Bassett’s Bench*Made hand crafted dining room sets unique. There are no assembly lines. Each and every piece of custom dining room furniture is made by a real furniture craftsmen here in Bassett, Virginia.

Bench*Made Dining Room Sets

Bench*Made is exactly as it sounds. It’s honest. It’s authentic. It’s 100% “Made in America”. Your Bassett Bench*Made custom dining room furniture comes from red maple harvested from within the woods of Appalachian country. 

Every piece of custom dining furniture in the Bench*Made line is made one at a time, handcrafted by an artisan furniture maker.  Our “Live Edge” lumber cut ensures every custom dining table and chair is as unique as the tree from which it came. If you prefer a classic look, our “Classic Edge” lumber cut gives you the crisp, beautiful lines you’ve come to love in our previous furniture lines.

100% American-Made Kitchen and Dining Tables

Not only are all furniture pieces made by artisan craftsmen in Virginia, all materials are sourced from American suppliers. Whether you’re looking for American made, solid wooden dining chairs, upholstered fabric or leather, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Bassett. Anything is possible. After all, it’s honest. It’s authentic. It’s Bench*Made.

Sustainability Matters

For every American made dining room table that leaves the Bassett facility, two trees are planted in its stead. The company places as much importance on the replenishment of resources as our craftsmen do on producing a custom dining chairs and tables that last for generations.

Stop by a Bassett showroom and experience the authentic wood grains and stunning finishes for yourself. Whether you shop online or at one of our many locations, you’ll own the finest in American made furniture.

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