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American Made Furniture

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When Bassett furniture was born back in 1902, America was the manufacturing envy of the entire world. As time marched on, foreign manufacturers appealed to budget conscious consumers with cut rate prices. Unfortunately, that also meant cut-rate quality.

What comes around, goes around as they say. Today, you can find American made, custom, high quality furniture at a price you can afford. Handcrafted and made in Bassett Virginia, Bassett’s Bench*Made solid maple furniture is a return to the ideals of yesteryear. It’s a throwback to the days of custom high quality furniture that lasts. It’s a return to pride, expert workmanship and most of all, value.

A Custom Furniture Store

Authenticity. That’s what you get with Bassett Bench*Made custom hardwood furniture. Every piece of furniture that leaves the Bassett workshop is made of solid, red leaf maple. Each piece is made one at a time by custom furniture makers. There are no assembly lines.
Bench*Made has something for every room in your home. From American made dining tables to custom bedroom furniture, every piece is totally customizable. Thanks to the custom furniture makers at Bassett, hand crafted, made to order furniture is no longer a thing of the past.

Authentic, American Made Furniture

Everything that leaves our facility in Bassett, Virginia is 100% American made. It starts with red maple harvested from the Appalachian region of the United States. From there, every aspect of your furniture’s creation happens in Bassett. Handmade furniture makers shape, plan, sand and finish your solid wood furniture.

Custom Wood Furniture

The Bench*Made furniture line is extensive. You’ll find Aermican made living room, custom dining room sets, and bedroom furniture. Here’s our guarantee. Every piece is 100% “Made in America”.

Experience the authentic wood grains, distinctive wear and stunning finishes of Bassett’s Bench*Made furniture for yourself. Visit a Bassett Furniture store near you for the “touch and feel” experience and preview tomorrow’s heirloom today.

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