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Changing Tables & Dressers

Creating an ideal environment for your newborn’s bedroom can seem exciting and overwhelming all at once. A quiet, serene atmosphere is a must. However, compromises cannot be made on safety or functionality. Finding the right changing table and dresser is an absolute necessity when attempting to create a nurturing environment.

We understand that all other concerns pale in comparison to your child’s well-being. A warm, relaxing setting is imperative. At Bassett, we create classic changing tables and dressers that are designed for your child’s comfort and by extension, your own.

When you purchase a changing table dresser combo from the Bassett collection, you know you’re getting the kind of sturdy construction that comes only from 100+ years in the furniture business. With rich wood finishes, whites and pastels, Bassett makes it easy to create the ideal environment for your child.

Ask a Consultant

Ready to start designing? Stop by your nearest Bassett Furniture showroom and make an appointment to speak with one of our knowledgeable design consultants. Together, you can find the perfect changing table or dresser for your child’s nursery.

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