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Crib Mattresses

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You’ve thought of everything for baby. The crib, changing table, nightstand, and rocking chair. However, you’ve yet to address what is perhaps the most important item in your new nursery. Your child’s crib mattress may be the most important purchase you make.

It isn’t simply a matter of comfort, although that is important. It’s also a matter of safety. At Bassett, you’ll find firm crib mattresses that comfort and support baby. And when baby is safe and comfortable, so are you. And when we say safety, we mean all aspects. Our crib mattresses contain no harmful chemicals or allergens.

Two-Stage Crib Mattresses

Our crib mattresses are designed for growth. One side of the crib mattress is firmer for infants, making the mattress safer. As your little one grows up, flip the mattress over for a softer, more comfortable feel. For your little one’s safety, always consult with your pediatrician before flipping the crib mattress.

Visit our Showroom

Stop by and see the new designs in crib mattresses and baby furniture we have in store for you. Speak with one of our in-store design consultants. Together, we’ll put together a nursery that other parents will envy.

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