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Preparing baby’s nursery is too often an exercise in striking the right balance between sensible and stylish. At Bassett, there’s no need to choose. You can have it both ways. With nightstands and furniture in traditional white, indigo blue, antique wood and more, you’re sure to find the baby furniture that matches your color scheme or theme. Nightstands can be functional in the nursery but also, as your child grows, useful in a bedroom.

From ornate to sleek, classic to eclectic, our design team has assembled an beautiful collection of nightstands and children’s furniture that’ll inspire and delight Mom and Dad – and baby, too.

Nightstands Built to Last

These pieces may look delicate but each and every one is the model of solid, sturdy construction. Built to last a lifetime and then some, you can expect your child’s nightstand to be handed down to their children. At Bassett, we’re building your next family heirloom.

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