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Incorporate Personal Touches

5 Ways to Bring a Personal Touch to Your Interior Design

Ever notice how some homes just have a sparkle that goes beyond just beautiful furnishings – something unique that reveals a little about whoever lives there? There is definitely an art to combining your personal tastes and interests to create a personal style. According to Heather Moore, Stylist for Bassett Furniture, art and accessories do a lot to express your style in interior design:

  • personalize
  • add color
  • finish or complete the look of your room

She says one way to think of these personal touches is “like putting on your jewelry before you leave the house.” That little bit of extra sparkle says you’re ready to face the world, and it’s the same in your home.Tobago Moore offers several suggestions of ways to use art and accessories to personalize your space:

1. Feature a “statement piece,” or one particular item that draws the eye. According to Moore, a statement piece is generally “anything that kind of speaks to you – of a large scale.” An example might be “an awesome large piece of art,” or even an oversized or eye-catching plant. Moore herself has a colorful 1970s pachinko pinball machine, custom framed and mounted in a corner of her living room. Like any statement piece, it may not be the first thing you see in the room, but it’s a conversation starter. If you’re looking for your own statement piece, you can scour antique markets or your own storage closet. Or choose a large scale artwork or mirror from Bassett Furniture’s collection. If it pleases your eye, it makes a statement about you.

2. Display your interests. To keep a room from feeling sterile, add little collections like matchbooks, ticket stubs, or shells. Even if you’re not a collector, there is “probably something you’re interested in. If you like creating cocktails, make your bar setup on a credenza in the room, and make it a fun focal point with fun glassware and pretty bottles.” Even the books you display reflect your interests.

Thames Sectional3. Layer. To keep your decor inviting and comfortable but still personal, Moore suggests layering small accessories, like a throw blanket or a decoupaged tray with an interesting motif.

4. Choose art that reflects your personality. Moore suggests that many people take photos from life or vacation and enlarge them, and create some personalized wall art. Whenever it comes to choosing artwork, pay attention to what pleases or attracts you. Within the Bassett Furniture art collection, there are options for all kinds of expression – contemporary art, abstract paintings, black and white photographs, and more. Moore suggests that if you have an interest or are very opposed to a certain type of art, those preferences can quickly guide you quickly to an accent that works well for your room.

5. Accent with colors. One rule of thumb is to “buy neutral furniture and play with art and accessories,” since it can be cheaper and easier to change these items seasonally or as your tastes evolve. If you like a certain “of-the-moment” shade of blue, she suggests using it in your pillows, throws, and wall art, and if you get tired of it in a few Bench*Made Modernyears, it will be easy enough to change. However, like all advice, “if it’s not you, don’t do it.”

According to Moore, “On a personal level, I love all different textiles, like shibori print throws folded over the back of sofa, or a fur throw. That’s a nice way to incorporate life and style.” Since color and pattern in accessories make great finishing touches, Moore suggests, “Bassett has so many different fabrics! You can bring out your personality in those. Tons of patterns that run the gamut from a modern floral to a traditional floral, funky and eclectic patterns, shibori prints, animal, and more.”

Achieving the right balance of style and personality is an art. Some rooms need a little more personality, and others have so much going on that nothing sticks out. According to Moore, “That’s where a design consultant from Bassett can come in handy.” Bassett design consultants are experts at helping you find a statement piece, a great fabric, or artful accents that show who you are and what you love. If you’re ready to make your room shine with personal style, set up an appointment with a Bassett Furniture design consultant today.

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