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How to Arrange Furniture for Open Floor Plan

Wondering how to arrange furniture in an open floor plan? It's not always obvious where to start. Here's a few hints to get you started.

Arranging furniture in open-floor-plan houses is all about coming up with creative ways to define the spaces within a single room. If you're wondering the best way to arrange your living room furniture in an open floor plan, consider these three layout ideas. 

Bassett Living Room Image

1. Define Your Space with a Rug

Open Floor Plan 1

Rugs can be helpful in determining how to arrange furniture in an empty room. Large rugs are a great tool for breaking up open floor plans and creating the illusion of separate spaces. To separate your living room from your kitchen and dining area, place a large rectangular rug where you want your living room to be. You can then fill in your furniture accordingly. If you have enough room, you can even use two sofas or a sectional to create a right angle and add to the appearance of a separate room. 

2. Create a Focal Point

Open Floor Plan 2

Learning how to arrrange furniture starts with defining a focal point. Open floor plans can be a little overwhelming when filled with furniture. In order to keep your space from looking cluttered, keep the furniture to a minimum and use it to create a focal point in each defined space. For example, use two small sofas to draw the eye to a fireplace or TV (pictured above). Or add a statement chandelier or light fixture above your dining room table to make the space seem a little more formal. 

3. Break Up the Space with Your Couch

Open Floor Plan 3

A great way to define your living room in an open floor plan is to break up the space with your couch. By creating sharp lines, you can create the illusion of a separate living area. It also creates a clear path for you and your guests to walk versus having to weave in and out of furniture.

How to Arrange Furniture for Storage

To pull it all together, try adding a sofa table behind the couch for extra storage. Coffee tables are great for storing books, magazines or the remote control for the TV. You can even experiment with using sofa tables or bookshelves as room dividers. 

For more tips on arranging living room furniture, check out the HGTV HOME™ Design Studio by Bassett Furniture.

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