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Bedroom Design Decor Ideas

Coming up with interesting master bedroom design ideas can be a breeze if you remember one simple rule. Design your bedroom with an eye toward the room's function. Peace, tranquility, and comfort are the keys to designing a splendid master bedroom—whether it is for yourself, your children or your guests. That means color choices, fabrics, and furniture placement should all coordinate to create a soothing retreat from the waking world. 

Bedroom Design Ideas: Color & Decor

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Even though the walls literally provide a background for everything else in your bedroom, the color and decor of your walls set the tone for the entire room. Soft shades of blue make excellent bedroom colors. Studies show and color experts agree that the color blue has a generally calming effect. Before selecting a wall color, you might want to decide on a theme for the room that will create a unified look.

Bedding colors should compliment the wall color, but steer away from bright, vibrant colors. They can disturb the tranquility of the room. 

Choose peaceful wall art and soothing accessories to create an inviting, restful haven for your family or guests. Designers recommend avoiding family photos that may pack too much of an emotional punch as you try to drift off to sleep. And while it is wise to include a collection of your favorite things in your bedroom, be aware that too many accessories can be overstimulating. 

Consider the amount of light that filters into the room from the windows. If you don't want to wake with the sun, or street lights illuminate your windows, you may want to install blackout blinds.

Bedroom Design Ideas: Furniture Arrangements


Before you know if your master bedroom ideas are feasible, you'll need to take precise measurements of both the bedroom and the furniture you plan to buy. Before bringing the furniture home, use your measurements to map out with tape where you plan to place each piece. Don't forget to allow room for drawers and doors to open fully and allow access to windows and window treatments. 

In a bedroom, we advise 3' in front of a dresser or chest and around 2.5' to get into and out of the bed.

When you consider filling your bedroom with furniture, make sure you allow enough clear space for moving around. If you have ample space, you may want to add a sitting area to allow for decompression time — reading, sipping tea, petting the dog — before climbing into bed. 

Whatever your plans for your bedroom, Bassett has luxurious bedroom suites and separate pieces in every style to fit your home.  

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