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Ideas for Decorating Your Bedroom with White Furniture

The idea of decorating your bedroom with white furniture might not be your immediate plan when furnishing your home. Wouldn't an all white bedroom be too plain? Would a white bedroom be a pain to clean? The fact is: having white furniture can give your bedroom the perfect canvas to play with bright and contrasting colors.

While some may see white furniture as limiting, the fact is actually the opposite. Here are some ways you can make this misunderstood color be the focal point of your room.

Decorating Ideas for White Bedrooms

Decorating the most important room in your home with white furniture can add a bold, modern and even classic touch to any home. No matter what look you're going for, white furniture can play a dominant role in achieving your dream home.

Create a subtle cottage feel by pairing soft colors and neutral tones with white furniture.

bedroom ideas

Nothing inspires that cozy cottage feel like a room filled with warm and inviting colors. The white furniture and soft colors paired with the accents of warm brown tones inspire a quaint feeling of life on the farm — even when living in a big city. So add pastel blue pillows, soft green drapes or even light yellow wall art to surround yourself in blissful serenity.

Make a modern statement by pairing contrasting black on white.

white bedroom furniture

Designing with black and white can make a whiite bedroom idea look like something out of a modern art magazine. Epitomizing the essence of yin and yang, it's a great way to create feng shui in the bedroom. Designing with these contrasting tones can produce an elegant, contemporary look that will turn your white bedroom into a hotel room all to yourself (and your partner, of course). 

Bold patterns make white bedrooms really shine.

white furniture

When you've set the scene with muted white furniture, don't be afraid to play with bold, colorful patterns to match. Mix floral designs with elegant stripes, funky polka dots, and even larger-than-life works of art or large patterned accent chairs. The possibilities are endless, and the patterns you choose can transform your white furniture to a whole new level of decor.

More White Bedroom Ideas at Bassett Furniture

How you furnish and decorate your home is a true reflection of who you are, and white furniture can easily help you represent your taste as bold, creative and fun to your family and friends. At Bassett Furniture, we create timeless furniture in a variety of finishes that let you express yourself in any room in your home.

Browse our catalog or visit your nearest Bassett Furniture showroom to see how you can transform your white bedroom furniture today!

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