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The Benefits of Custom Wood Furniture

One can find mass produced furniture of acceptable, even good quality. However, the benefits of custom wood furniture is undeniable. Some are readily apparent. Others, not so much. That being the case, this seems like as good a time as any to list the advantages of custom wood furniture.

Custom wood furniture offers options.

If you’re in need of a few pieces to add to an existing decor, shopping for a piece that fits into your decor’s color or wood finish can be problematic. This is particularly true of mass produced assembly line furniture with veneers on the surface. When dealing with an artisan craftsman, you have great flexibility. Often, you’ll choose the lumber that goes into its creation and the exact finish so that it is sure to match your existing decor. Before the piece is made, you’ll already know that the resulting piece will look just right and match your other furniture perfectly.

Bassett Living Room Image

You’re not limited by style or design. 

Again, when shopping a showroom floor populated by mass produced furniture, you’re limited by what their factory churns out. When dealing with a designated furniture maker, you can add your input, relay the look you want and together, you can design accordingly. There are no limits. Furniture can be made to your exact specifications.

Quality and reputation count. 

Simply put, when a furniture designer produces your furniture piece with his own hands, there is an undeniable level of care.  The artist’s name is associated with that product and most craftsmen care deeply about their standing and reputation among peers. In short, they take great pride in their craft. By contrast, a person who performs a single function on an assembly line is not nearly as accountable and has less reason to care about your satisfaction.

Size Matters

Here’s the advantage that people often forget. Retail furniture pieces come in predetermined sizes based on marketing research. When an artisan furniture maker starts work, he may well check the dimensions and/or layout of the room. Then, he can build your furniture to the proportions of your room. Everything is guaranteed to be size appropriate.

Bassett Custom Wood Furniture

Bassett’s new Bench Made program gives you all the perks that we associate with custom wood furniture. The Bassett Bench Made line is custom made right in in Bassett Virginia. Made one piece at a time to your specific order, a skilled artisan craftsman will create your lving room or dining room furniture to your exact specifications.

It’s custom made furniture backed by Bassett’s 100 years in the business. It doesn’t get any better than that.


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