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Best Furniture Brands

In today's market, it's easy to find low-cost furniture you can assemble yourself in less than an hour. But chances are that furniture isn't going to last, and you'll end up spending more money to replace those low-quality pieces. Instead of wasting money, check out Bassett Furniture, the best quality furniture brand for quality and value. 

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Best Furniture Brands for Quality

When it comes to buying furniture, composition is important. At Bassett Furniture, we strive to be among the best furniture brands for quality. We're dedicated to providing our customers with stylish and comfortable furniture that is built to last. From upholstered furniture to leather furniture to wood products, we've perfected our manufacturing process and guarantee the quality of our products.  

Now, we're one of the best furniture brands for American Made furniture, too!

Our Bench Made line of furniture is made right  here in Bassett Virginia. All materials are procured here in the U.S. with starting with lumber sourced from lumber yards in the Appalachian region of the Eastern United States. Our artisan furniture makers take these raw materials and produce a superior, custom made product just for you. Attention to detail and artisan workmanship help to make Bassett the best furniture brand for quality and workmanship.

Bassett Leather Sofa Image

Leather furniture - Our leather furniture is custom-made to order to ensure you are getting a piece of furniture that fits your style and needs. We offer many types of high-quality leather in a variety of different colors.

Wood furniture - Our wood furniture is built for convenience, comfort and durability. We use cedar lined drawers, English dovetail joints, and a deep multi-step dimensional finish to ensure every piece is as durable as it looks. We construct each piece with corner blocks for stability, smooth side drawer guides, and drawer stoppers for ideal alignment. 

Best Furniture Brand for Value

In addition to being among the best furniture brands for quality, we strive to give you the greatest value. too. By keeping our prices competitive with lesser made brands, you can get more bang for your buck with Bassett. It's time to upgrade from flimsy, ready-to-assemble furniture to furniture that will last for years to come. Shop Bassett Furniture's entire collection of living, dining, bedroom, storage and office furniture today.

Not sure what you're looking for? Check out our HGTV Home™ Design Studio for tips and inspiration. 

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