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5 Ways to Decorate Your Living Room Console Table

The best part of decorating the console table in your living room is that you can change the way it looks as often as you'd like. It can be a place to hold food during parties, set presents down for birthdays, decorate for each holiday, set out pictures of loved ones, and so much more! 

Check out these tips for ways you can spice up your console table and wow your friends!

Decorating Ideas for Console Tables

decorate console table living room Moultrie Park Oval Door Console bassett furniture

There are a million ways to decorate the console table in your living room — which will you choose?

Go symmetrical or asymmetrical! For both the orderly and the eccentric, you can choose to add two of each decorative pieces, or jazz it up with decor of every size. 

Create a focal piece. Choose a dominant piece to feature on your console, whether it be a mirror, artwork, vase, basket, or whatever! You can have it centered or spotlight it on the side. The choice is yours!

Don't be afraid of white space. There is such a thing as too much decor; so let your console table speak for itself by minimizing what you put on it. After all, the console table alone can be a decoration all by itself. 

Add pops of color. Even if your living room has a cohesive color scheme, don't be afraid to go bold with the color of your decor. For instance, if your room is largely decorated with neutrals and blues, add a pop of orange or yellow for an exciting contrast of color.

Put a lamp on it. Have a favorite lamp but don't know where to put it? A console is a great location, as it can help light up a part of your living room that your regular lighting wouldn't have reached. You can also go wild and use a lamp that might not necessarily fit with the rest of your decor.

Get More Living Room Design Ideas at Bassett

For more ideas on how you can decorate the console table in your living room, visit your nearest Bassett showroom or browse our collection of console tables online. 




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