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Couch Depth: Standard Sizes for Deep Seated Couches

The depth of a couch may be the last thing you notice when you're shopping for new furniture, but it can make the difference between your long-term comfort or your absolute dismay. While there's no standard couch size that works everywhere, the typical couch depth ranges between 31 and 40 inches.

The Standard Sofa Measurements

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While there is no universal guideline to the perfect-sized couch, the standard dimensions for traditional sofas are 40" deep60" wide and 36" long with a 19" seat height. However, depending on your height and how you prefer to sit or lie on your couch, these measurements may not be perfect for you. You may require a deep seating couch to accomodate your height.

Shallow seats (a depth of less than 40") offer an upright seated position that supports your back while helping shorter legs from dangling off the edge. However, if you like leaning back or tucking your legs on the couch, you may want to consider a deep seating couch (close to or greater than 40").

Different Depths and Sofa Dimensions

You'll often see that the length and width of your couch can affect the depth of the seat. Loveseats and longer couches (ones that can seat three or more people) have an average depth range of 33" to 40" but can be larger based on the size of the seat cushions.

Single-seat sofas and recliners can also have varying depths. The average depth range for a single-seat couch is between 31" and 40". Again, the size of your seat cushions may affect the depth of your couch. Recliner depths can reach as low as 2" due to their reclining mechanism.

Find the Perfect Couch Depth at Bassett

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You'll very likley want couch sizes that do not inhibit movement in keeping with good feng shui living room design. Knowing how your family will use your new couch is the best way to find the perfect piece for your home. Whether it's the fabricsize or depth of the couch, make sure it's made just the way you like it. At Bassett furniture, we make sure every piece of furniture is perfectly created and outfitted to reflect your unique needs.

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