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What is the Difference between King and California King Beds?

California king is more than just a sales term. There are actual differences between king and California king (aka Cal king or west coast king) beds. Understanding those differences may be the key to finding the perfect night’s sleep.

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Cal King vs. King Size Beds: Size Matters

The most significant difference between king and California king beds is the size of the mattresses. Both length and width differ. This can be a particularly important consideration for larger people. While a king (or Eastern king) size bed measures 76 inches across, a California King measures slightly less, only 72 inches across. If you or your partner move around a lot while sleeping, those extra four inches can make a significant difference.

However, the Cal King offers something for taller folks that it’s eastern counterpart does not. While the eastern king measures 80 inches in length, the California king adds those extra four inches giving one a total length top to bottom of 84 inches. For tall people, that’s a terrific benefit.

Cal King vs. King Size Beds: Bedding

Sheets and bedding for king size beds are quite easy to find. Virtually any department store or home furnishings retailer will stock them. However, sheets for Cal King beds can be harder to find unless you shop online.

If you prefer to see and feel the material, you may be compelled to purchase king size sheets at your local store and try to adapt them to your Cal king size bed. Take my word for it and save yourself the trouble. They’re much too short. However, if you’re averse to purchasing your bedding online, the retailer from whom you purchase your Cal king mattress will often stock the size sheets you require. That is most certainly the case with Bassett as we offer a wide selection of bedding for all size mattresses.

To summarize, when purchasing a Cal king bed, it pays to buy your bedding at the same time you purchase your bed and/or mattress. If you prefer a regular eastern king, purchase bedding any time.

Cal King vs. King Size Beds: How to Shop

A visit to your nearest Bassett showroom can help you to adequately examine the differences between king and California King beds. A little bit of research will lead to a better decision and as a result, a better night’s sleep.

To find the bed that best suits your needs and wants, stop by and speak with a Bassett consultant. You’ll get the high quality and extraordinary value our customers have experienced for over 100 years.

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