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What are the different types of sectional sofas?

The 4 predominant types of sectional sofas are the U-shaped, L-shaped, pit, and chaise sectionals. While Bassett offers all of these different types of sectional sofas, each has its own unique set of advantages. So before you begin shopping, let’s talk about them.

L Shaped Sectionals

Bassett Living Room Image

L shaped sofas are the most common type of sectional you’ll find in living rooms today. An L shaped sectional offers flexibility in design as all parts can act in consortium or work autonomously. This gives the interior designer great flexibility in furniture placement.

Bassett Living Room Image

Know the size of your room and have a preconceived idea of the intended furniture layout before purchasing furniture. While an L shaped sectional offers great flexibility, furniture placement should add to the natural flow of a room. If the unit does not fit well in the room whether side by side or apart, it may be advantageous to purchase separate chairs and sofas instead of investing in a sectional.

U Shaped Sectionals

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As opposed to L shaped sectionals, U shaped sectionals have two corner pieces or “wedges”. As a result, you’ve got one more side opportunity on your sectional for another loveseat or chaise.

Everybody loves more of a good thing. Now, you can binge watch your favorite Netflix series with even more guests reclining on either side of the main sofa piece. For an inner city apartment with limited space for entertaining, this can be particularly helpful.

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However, size is even more of a factor in your room design with a U shaped sectional. The middle section must be very close to the exact back wall size or space won’t be broken up in a very efficient way. If you’re not intimately aware of the space requirements, you may find that you’ve cut off part of the room or blocked a doorway.

But, for the right space, a U Shaped sectional is the ultimate in comfort and a most efficient use of space.

Chaise Sectionals

Chaise Sectional

Similar to the L-shaped sectional described above, the chaise sectional like a standard 3-4 seater sofa, with a chaise lounge on one end. This combines the seating capacity of a sofa with the comfort of a standard chaise lounger. 

There's nothing like coming home everyday to the relaxing feeling on a chaise lounge. It's easy to settle in for a movie night when you get lay across the chaise of your sectional with a bowl of popcorn. 

Chaise Sectional

Have pet's that like to occupy more than their share of the sofa? The chaise sectional might be the perfect option for you. The extra space offered by a chaise sectional is the perfect place for you pets to join you on the couch without evicting you from your own couch.

Pit Sectionals

Beckham Pit Sectional

The ultimate in seating options and maximum comfort, the pit sectional. Pit sectionals come in multiple pieces, our standard Beckham pit comes with 9 pieces. 3 corners chairs, 3 armless chairs, and 3 ottomans. The result is endless configurations. They're most commonly configured in 'pit sectional format', but can also be used to make large L-shaped or U-shaped sectionals as well.

Pit Sectional

Different Types of Sectional Sofas from Bassett

We encourage to read our guide on how to buy a sectional sofa, this will help ensure you get the right sectional for your space. There are several significant advantages to purchasing a sectional sofa from Bassett. Your furniture is backed up by our 100 year reputation for high quality and customer service. Additionally, we offer leather upholstery as well as a myriad of fabric choices. Finally, you can visit a Bassett showroom near you and see your new sectional in person before deciding which models is best for you.


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