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5 Tips to Bring Feng Shui To Your Bedroom

Introducing the ancient method of Feng shui into your bedroom can help bring calming energies for you and your significant other. You can promote a healthy relationship and a good night's rest just by keeping these furniture arranging tips in mind in the most important room in your home. 

Feng Shui Explained

Feng shui, or "wind and water" in Chinese, is known as the ancient art of placement. The purpose of adopting Feng shui is to promote the flow of chi, or spiritual energy into your home to create an environment of harmony, support, health and happiness.

This discipline is based on the belief that your surroundings influence the way you feel, especially in your own bedroom. Check out these Feng shui tips for inviting positive energy into your home. 

5 Feng Shui Tips for Self-Improvement 

1. Place Your Bed in the Commanding Position

feng shui bedroom

One of the most important design aspects of Feng shui is your bed placement, and there are some rules that should be followed for where it should be placed:

  • The best placement for your bed is facing diagonally from your door.
  • The bed should never be placed directly in front of the door (this is known as a coffin position).
  • The bed should never be placed in front of or underneath the window, as it interrupts the pathway of the chi.
  • There should be a space between the floor and your mattress.

2. Decorate Using Warm Earth Tones

Using warm earth and skin tone hues, you can create a cozy bedroom atmosphere that welcomes you every time you come home. 

Soft natural colors, including light blue, lavender and soft green also invite harmonious and tranquil energy into your room. Additionally, variations of pinks and reds are also known to create a romantic environment in your bedroom for you and your other.  

3. Have a Solid Headboard

feng shui bedroom2

Your bed should include a solid, high headboard with minimal holes or gaps in it. This helps to promote strong support in all your endeavors, from your career to your relationships at home.

4. Declutter Your Home

Living in an untidy home can be a cause for restlessness, but sleeping in a cluttered bedroom can lead to unrestful nights. Messy areas can be a symbol for unfinished business, and that will keep your mind up all night. Additionally, you should also remove electronics, such as TVs and computers, from your bedroom to keep your bedroom private from outside influences.

5. Use Mirrors with Caution

Mirrors should never be placed directly in front of or over your bed. In fact, the reflection of your bed should ultimately be avoided. It's believed that this mirror placement can result in an unstable relationship, and leaves your soul unsettled while you sleep.

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