The Dos and Don'ts of Arranging Bedroom Furniture
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The Dos and Don'ts of Arranging Bedroom Furniture

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Each day begins and ends in this room. When you wake up, you want to feel refreshed, and when you fall asleep you should feel peaceful and relaxed. Don't waste time and energy on poorly arranged furniture in your bedroom! 

Here, we cover the dos and don'ts you should keep in mind when arranging (or rearranging) your bedroom furniture.

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture Like a Pro

Do: Measure, measure, measure

Measure your room and your current furniture before you go out and buy more. Write down your measurements on a sheet of paper and bring it (and a tape measure) along when you go furniture shopping. There's nothing more frustrating than spending money on furniture, getting it delivered, dragging it into place and realizing it doesn't fit.

Don't: Forget to add a few inches on either side

If you have 24" between your bed and the wall, that does not mean you have room for a 24" wide nightstand. Sure, you could probably cram it into that space, but that's what leads to a cluttered look. Give your furniture a bit of air on either side to breathe. 

Do: Go for function, then form

Yes, you want your bedroom to look beautiful, but it also has to be usable. Make sure you have the necessities, but also know you don't have to compromise. If you share your room, make sure everyone has his or her own nightstand. Tiny closet? Consider a dresser, armoire or an alternative. If you simply can't fall asleep without the television on, make sure there's a place for it opposite your bed. Trust us: even the most beautiful item of furniture needs to serve its purpose.

Don't: Neglect your windows

Whether you catch the first rays of morning light or the last few moments of the sunset, your windows can (and should) be a focal point of your bedroom. Don't leave them naked, and definitely don't block them with furniture if you can help it! Add shades or curtains that coordinate with the rest of your decor, and they will enhance the beauty of your bedroom. Plus, windows make a room appear larger and will draw your eye away from any clutter or unmade beds.

At Bassett Furniture, we've been designing gorgeous bedroom furniture for over 100 years. For more ideas on beautiful bedroom furniture arrangements, check out our gallery of rooms we love. Feeling overwhelmed? Our makeover experts at the HGTV Home Design Studio by Bassett can come to your home and help you create a look and layout you love. 

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