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Looking for a new look for the interior design of your home? There are plenty to choose from, some familiar and some you may not recognize. Learn the defining characteristics of the top 12 interior design styles, and see which one strikes your fancy. You may find a new favorite. 

12 Home Interior Design Styles for Your Inspiration

Articulating each style's defining elements can help you to fully comprehend just what you are looking for as you scan an array of design photos. Here are brief descriptions of a dozen popular interior design styles.

  1. Art Deco features lacquered and mirrored furniture, sunburst and chevron decorative pieces and a bold color palette. 
  2. Shabby Chic includes white and neutral colors as well as comfortably distressed furniture, overstuffed sofas and natural fabrics.
  3. Asian-inspired rooms are clutter-free and heavily reliant on natural elements such as water, simple plants, bamboo, and stone. Asian homes feature a neutral color palette, room dividers, and decorative wall panels. 
  4. Coastal style takes inspiration from the beach. Nautical themes and seascape colors highlight this style. 
  5. Mid-Century Modern boasts clean and simple designs, straight lines and minimalist decor. Black, white, cream and grey are common colors. 
  6. Contemporary borrows many features from the mid-century modern because of its current popularity. Modern furniture, chrome and metallic surfaces, and minimal ornamentation are featured.  
  7. Country style is relaxed and comfortable with natural fibers in gingham, stripes, and florals, wood or stone floors, and a muted color palette. 
  8. Eclectic style borrows from any number of other design styles that are unified through the use of color, textures and patterns.  
  9. English Country mixes overstuffed chairs with ornamental carved wood furniture, collections of small accessories and rich, eclectic colors. 
  10. French Provincial combines rustic and elegant elements with country accents from 17th- and 18th-century royalty. Curving, carved wood furniture and natural, floral and toile upholstery abound. 
  11. Mediterranean homes often include stucco or plaster walls, marble or terra cotta tile floors and ceilings with exposed wooden beams. Yellow, olive green, reds and cobalt blue dominate the color scheme.  
  12. Traditional style includes a calm, orderly and predictable aesthetic. Elegant and gracious furnishings of dark, carved wood, paired accessories, and understated stripes or small patterns adorned the traditional home. 

Say It in Pictures

Find out more about each of these design styles, and see them come to life in photo galleries at these sites:

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Interior Design Styles

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