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How To Age New Wood Furniture

Maybe you’re into that shabby chic look. Or perhaps you’re replacing old wood with new and need to match the weathered look that’s already there. Whether you’re looking to replace decking or outdoor furniture, there are methods you can use to effectively age or weather the new wood. However, this method may take some tweaking depending on the type of wood you're trying to age.

While you can purchase stains or varnishes for this purpose, the task can be accomplished just as effectively and even less expensively using some things you likley have around the house. In this case, we’re using vinegar and iron oxide. And some tea for good measure.

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Preparing Your Wood Aging Solution

Take a mason jar and fill it half way with vinegar. Use a wide mouth jar as you’ll be painting from it. Tear some steel wool into small pieces and drop it into the vinegar. Screw on the lid and let that sit overnight. In the morning, you’ll have a vinegar / iron oxide solution for staining. Now, dilute the solution with and equal amount of water. So if your mason jar was half full with vinegar, add water until your jar is full.

Test your solution first to make sure it gives you the desired effect. Make sure you test your aging solution on the same type of wood you’ll be treating. You should start to see the weathering effect very soon after it dries. You may wish to make the solution weaker or stronger depending on the results from your first test.

Using Tea to Age Wood

People have gotten a great effect by adding tea to the process. You’ll get a slightly darker look but the weathering effect is basically the same. Just brew a strong pot of tea shortly before you’re ready to treat your lumber. Paint the tea on the wood and let it completely dry. Now brush on the solution you made the night before. The wood will age before your eyes. The iron oxide reacts with the tea to effectively tannin the wood.

This method is effectively on anything from fencing to outdoor furniture or decking.

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