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How To Arrange Furniture In a Rectangular Room

Most rooms are rectangular, but that combination of two long walls and two short walls can make it difficult to decide where to place your furniture. You want to maximize your use of space, but you don't want the room to look cluttered. Check out these great design ideas for arranging your furniture in a rectangular dining room, living room, and bedroom.

Design Ideas for Arranging Furniture in Rectangular Rooms

Don't let an oddly shaped rectangular room keep you from designing a spacious and cozy home!

Rectangular Dining Rooms

These rooms are actually fairly easy to arrange, since there isn't a lot of "must-have" furniture beyond the dining room table and chairs. Look for a rectangular dining room table with dimensions that parallel the walls of your room. Your table should be centered in the room, but leave plenty of space (at least 46") between the edge of the table and the walls or furniture. You don't want your guests to feel trapped in their chairs! 

Taller furniture, such as china cabinets and etageres, will work best against the longer wall. Short, long pieces, such as servers and credenzas will draw attention to the windows on shorter walls. Just don't block the incoming sunlight!

Rectangular Living Rooms

Living rooms are a bit trickier because furniture can be arranged for optimal television viewing, good conversation, or to take advantage of a focal point, such as the view or a fireplace. Follow these tips:

  • Bring the room together with a coordinating rectangular rug. If you have multiple "zones"—say, a conversation area and a separate spot for lounging and watching television—you can break them up with two rugs.
  • Put your sofa against or parallel to the longest wall. A long sofa on a short wall can diminish your space and look crowded.
  • Chairs can be more versatile than loveseats. They are easier to rearrange, so some people can watch television and others can chat. Just make sure you include plenty of tabletop space!

Rectangular Bedrooms

The way you arrange your furniture in a rectangular bedroom depends on the size of your bed and the location of your windows. Placing your bed directly across from the entryway makes a beautiful headboard the center of attention. If this isn't possible, opt for the longer wall, since that gives you room for a bed and a nightstand for each person. 

There are many ways to arrange (and rearrange) furniture in a rectangular room, so don't hesitate to try out more than one arrangement. The best furniture arrangement is one that works well for you. Try something out and if you find you're bumping into walls or stumbling over chairs, take a different approach. Furniture doesn't have to be static!

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