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How to Buy a Sectional Sofa

While sectionals offer unique advantages, they carry additional restrictions with them as well. As a result, shopping for a sectional differs from shopping for other furniture items such as standard couches, loveseats or dining room furniture.

With that in mind, we thought it wise to assemble a “how to” list for you to use while shopping for your next sectional sofa.

Choosing the shape of your sectional

A sectional can be a design asset or liability, depending on how well you have envisioned your room space. There are several different types of sectional sofa to consider. The measurements of your room and feng shui considerations will help you choose whether you wish to go with an L shaped sectional or a U shaped sofa. 

Bassett Living Room Image

Considering natural flow or Feng Shui

Feng shui is a term used to describe the natural movement within a room the energy it creates. When applying feng shui principles, an L shaped layout creates an arrow in the room. This can inhibit the natural flow of a room.

For small living rooms, this can be problematic. While it can be easily remedied by adding a potted houseplant at the end of said arrow, it may be advisable to consider a U shaped sectional. U shaped sectionals that fit snugly against three walls will enter the natural flow of the room and conform well to feng shui principles.

Once you’ve established this, you’re ready to begin shopping. Just keep this handy checklist with you when you visit your nearby Bassett showroom:

  1. Measure your wall and floor area.
  2. Assess your lifestyle and determine which sectional features are most important to your comfort accordingly.
  3. Do your research. Sometimes, magazine pictures can help you determine color schemes, fabric or leather choices that work for your aesthetic.
  4. Establish a cost threshold. Don’t overspend and buy more than you need. Don’t underspend and wish you had purchased that extra feature or piece. Either way, buying what you can afford, no more and no less, will ensure you feel great about your purchase.

The Final Step: Visit Your Local Bassett Showroom

Measure your room and take a picture if necessary. Think about how many people you’re likely to host at any given time. What do you need to feel comfortable regardless of whether you have company? Once you’ve answered those questions, pint out the list above and head directly to your nearest Bassett showroom. If you don’t know where that is, use this handy store locator.

Finally, see a Bassett design consultant and enjoy the shopping experience!


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