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How to Clean Wood Furniture

Everyone loves the deep, dark woods used in traditional furniture. However, the beauty of the wood can be compromised by natural wear and tear, spills or water marks. Additionally, aerosol polishes can build up and leave a film that dulls with time. When you know how to clean wood furniture, you can enjoy the rich look of mahogany for the life of your new sofa or table.

While wood requires less maintenance than some other materials, it also requires careful cleaning when that time comes. When you’ve got a spill that stains the wood, start by applying some dish washing liquid to a cotton swab and see how effective this is. If you can try in on a hidden surface first, that’s ideal. Regardless, you should always start with the gentlest of cleaners and if that isn’t effective, work your way up from there.

If a mild solution of water and dish washing liquid seems to be working, use a barely wet sponge and go over the entire surface while drying it often.

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Using Mineral Spirits to Clean your Wood Furniture

What if water and dish washing liquid don’t work? Mineral spirits will work to remove years of build up, so this may be your next step. Mineral spirits is not the same as paint remover. While both petroleum products, Mineral Spirits is a more refined form or varnish remover. Use a clean cloth and rub the surface in a circular motion.

Using Commercial Wood Cleaning Products

Most commercial products include mineral spirits. Some will say that they also “condition” the wood. Avoid these if possible as they often contain an oil that leaves a deposit. You’re trying to remove build-up.

One generally applies the commercial product in a similar fashion as mentioned above under Using Mineral Spirits to Clean your Wood Furniture. However, directions may vary. Follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully as stated in their instructions. If this doesn’t work, you may wish to repeat the process one or more times.

Check the Finish

Give your furniture 24 hours to dry before assessing whether you’ve adequately cleaned it. It’s much easier to tell when the wood is completely dry. If it looks good, only then can you apply furniture wax. If it still appears dull or the stain remains, consult a furniture professional to repair, strip and refinish if necessary.

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