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How To Mix And Match Cushions

Picking the right pillows for your sofa, style, and space can be a challenge. Our guide to mixing and matching throw pillows will help you find the right number and style for your chairs, sofas, and beds. Stick to these design tips and experiment with mixing and matching! 

How to Mix and Match Pillows | Design Tips

How many throw pillows should you have on your sofa, chair, or bed? These guidelines will serve you well:

  • For a sofa or bed, try the 2:2:1 ratio. This requires two larger pillows (one on each side), two smaller pillows, and then one rectangular or bolster pillow in the center.
  • While five is the perfect number for most sofas, beds can have fewer. Four pillows (two large and two small) work well for a queen size bed, and you may just want two or three pillows on twin beds.
  • One accent pillow is fine for most chairs. People generally tend to move this pillow when they sit, so it's mostly for decoration.

Pillow Patterns and Colors

There are several different techniques you can use to mix and match your pillows. These fail-safe guidelines ensure your pillows add visual interest rather than distraction.

  • If you're using the 2:2:1 ratio, consider using two fabrics—a patterned fabric for the outer two pillows and the rectangular or bolster pillow in the center, and then a solid fabric for the two smaller, inner pillows. In general, symmetry always looks best.
  • If you like more variety in your pillows, choose a pattern type (for example, floral) or a color scheme (e.g., shades of blue, primary colors, or a rainbow). This will give you a more eclectic, casual look that still keeps the room cohesive.
  • Use your pillows to incorporate accent colors. Find a decoration you love, and choose patterns and shades that weave those colors into your design. If you have colorful artwork or an area rug, your pillows can pick up on some of those shades.

Overall, there is no right or wrong number of pillows for your sofa, chair, or bed. If you find yourself or your guests frequently rearranging the pillows (or several seem to end up on the floor), you probably have too many. When it comes to patterns and colors, limit yourself to two or three unless you're decorating in a more eclectic style. Can't find the exact pillow design you're looking for in the wide selection of pillows at Bassett Furniture? We have over 750 fabrics to create a customized look that's just right for you.

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