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How to Pet Proof Your Furniture

Many of us want the best of both worlds. We want our furniture to be clean and tidy while having Fido or Rex by our side as we watch our favorite sport or reality TV show. However, this doesn’t always seem possible.

I’m here to dispel that notion with a quick tip list on how to pet proof your furniture. I’ve avoided one recommendation – that of covering your furniture. None of us buy attractive furniture so that we can cover it with blankets or sheets.

That being said, there are several ways to have your cake and eat it, too. Not every idea here will be for you or your lifestyle. However, one or more of these remedies will surely work to help you pet proof your new furniture.

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Tips to Pet Proof Your Furniture

Go with leather or microfiber. Leather is easy to clean and durable. Pet hair don’t stick to a leather sofa and can be easily removed with the wipe of a cloth across its surface. Similarly, stains don’t hold. For dogs, leather is perfect. However, cats may be tempted to scratch its surface.

If you’re averse to having your cat de-clawed, then consider an upholstered microfiber fabric. For some unknown reason, cats don’t seem at all interested in scratching it. And like leather, it is more easily cleaned than most fabrics.

Purchase a comfortable bed for your Pet. There are some great, comfortable pet beds on the market today. Some are even orthopedically recommended. While some are a bit pricey for pet furniture, there are plenty that are affordable and comfortable for man’s best friend. And, if Fido loves his doggy bed, he won’t be as inclined to hop up on your California king at night.

Buy a sofa with removable cushions. Not an ideal remedy, selecting from models with removable cushions can make it easy to wash any mishaps away by unzipping the fabric covers and simply leaning them. However, that severely limits the furniture styles and models you can choose from.

Keep a lint roller nearby. My least favorite tip but one that works well nonetheless, a lint roller will effectively pick up all that loose hair and keep your new furniture nice and clean.

The Final Step: Visit Your Local Bassett Showroom

Once you’ve decided on leather or microfiber, it’s time to head directly to your nearest Bassett showroom. Once there, you’ll have hundreds of leather and microfiber sofas and chairs to choose from in so many styles and colors you'll be amazed. Compare fabric furniture to leather and feel the differences. If you still have any questions, there will be Bassett consultants there to address your every need.

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