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Interior Decorating with an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans can be difficult to decorate because the rooms aren't clearly defined. Instead, you can use your furniture to provide a natural flow from one part of your house to the next. These tips for interior decorating when you have an open floor plan will turn your blank canvas into a cozy, cohesive home.

Interior Decorating Design Tips for an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans present some challenges. Do you paint every wall the same color? How can you separate work areas from entertainment areas? What about open floor plans that have multiple levels? These interior decorating tips will help you solve common open floor plan problems, so you create an environment that looks beautiful and flows well.

  1. Find a color scheme you love, and then vary hues and shades in different spaces. Coral pillows in the living room complement a red tile back splash in your kitchen. If you want to mix it up, use colors that are near each other on the color wheel
  2. Paint adjoining walls the same color to continue the open concept of your floor plan. Areas should be separated subtly using light fixtures and rugs, not a jarring change in paint color.
  3. You should also use the same type of flooring in all areas. (Hardwoods are always in style.) A soft, plush rug separates your living room from the rest of the home and encourages guests to kick off their shoes and relax. 
  4. Keep your space visually interesting by using columns, dropped or raised ceilings, islands, or breakfast bars to break the space into different levels.
  5. sofa or console table is essential for an open concept living room. It hides the back of your sofa, displays your prettiest decorations, and is the perfect spot for a table lamp
  6. Think about your sightline. What do you want to see as you're standing at the sink or stove? Perhaps you have a beautiful view from a nearby window, or you want to face your living room so you can watch your children play.
  7. Keep your woods and metals consistent. If you've got brass hardware in your kitchen, use the same material for your living room cabinets. This will keep the look cohesive.

Interior decorating should be exciting, not intimidating! The HGTV Home Design Studio by Bassett can help you maximize the use of your space and create a beautiful open floor plan that you can't wait to show off. Book an appointment today!

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