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Interior Design Styles for Small House

Bigger isn't always better. Decorating a small house may seem overwhelming, but plenty of homeowners or renters have transformed their small spaces into stunning and stylish homes. With these interior design tips, learn how to capture your style in a smaller home and still keep the illusion of a spacious, open room. 

Top Interior Design Styles for a Small House

A few space-saving tips can completely transform your small house into a stylish oasis. Whether you're looking to survive a small bathroom or make the most of your living room space, you've come to the right place.

At Bassett Furniture, many of the rooms we love that have undergone serious makeovers happen to be smaller—utilizing the right multi-functional furniture or Feng shui to create a cozy environment with the illusion of extra space.

Below are our top tips for decorating space-saving rooms to take advantage of every square inch of your home: 

For the Bedrooms: Storage & Style

Bassett Furniture - Chatham Storage Bed

Invest in beds and other bedroom furniture pieces that have extra storage perks without compromising style. Decorating a tiny bedroom is all about storage. If you're not interested in purchasing a bed frame with drawers, consider a storage bench at the foot of your bed that is both stylish and functional. 

For the Living & Dining Rooms: Multi-Functional & Decorative Mirrors

Decorating a small living room is all about arrangement and creating the illusion of space. Use over-sized or decorative mirrors to not only add a bit of glam, but to create some breathing room. Whenever you can create a more open, light environment, do so—your whole space will be more inviting. 

Knotty Oak Sideboard Bassett Furniture

Multi-functional furniture doesn't have to be bulky, and even if you don't have enough space for a traditional, separate dining room, you can find cupboards or drawers for entertaining that serve other purposes as well. A sleek sideboard, buffet, server or credenza can hold food, drinks, or other decorative items on top.

Utilize the surface, but also store serving ware, candles, linens, or other items in the drawers. You could also use a sideboard as a media console or entertainment center, mounting the TV above; or you could use a thin sideboard as a slender table behind the couch. Your options are endless! 

For more space-saving yet stylish options to choose from, browse our collections at Bassett Furniture! Our design consultants would love to help you create meaningful room makeovers with the best interior design styles for small homes.  

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