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Interior Design Trends for 2016

If you're interested in giving your home a fresh new look this spring or summer, refresh your space with these top interior design trends of 2016. From the return of the credenza, metal and wood combinations, and mismatched minimalism, we're here to point you in the right direction.

Interior Design Trends for 2016 and Beyond

No matter what interior design trends may come, remember that "timeless" and "trendy" don't have to be mutually exclusive. Furniture trends come and go but good taste is forever!

1. Decorating with Wood and Metal

Bassett Furniture - Palisades panel bed

Decorating with wood and metal for an industrial twist on mid-century modern or contemporary favorites will be among the top interior design trends of the year. Merge the sophisticated, classic elements with an even more elegant metallic sheen. If you're not ready to commit to a fully industrial look, the natural wood color brings the aesthetic back to an earthy feel. Who says you can't mix country chic with contemporary furniture trends?

2. Colors Taking the Center Stage

Bassett Furniture - living room with pink sofa

While light grey and white are still prominent themes in the interior design trends of 2016, pops of color are making a comeback. We believe that more and more living rooms will be taking on the "glamily" room vibe: sturdy-yet-stylish furniture with sexy patterns, textures, and colors. This furniture trend will continue throughout 2016 and beyond.

3. Top Design Trend for 2016: Mismatched Minimalism

Bassett Furniture small sofa with brightly colored coffee table and end tables

Scandinavian style and mid-century modern furniture pieces are more popular than ever, but interior design trends indicate a more mismatched approach to minimalism in the future. For a minimalistic take on the mismatched trend, focus on a neutral color palette with differing finishes. If you have pale wood floods, copper fixtures may work nicely. If your floor is more of a neutral color, mix it up with a brightly colored coffee table or side table. 

4. The Credenza Showstopper 

>Bassett Furniture - Palisades Buffet credenza

One of the top interior design trends of 2016 is the return of the credenza, media console, or cabinet that is much more than a storage solution. Make sure your credenza is the centerpiece of the room, whether you use it for extra cabinet space for plates and mugs, as a holder for records and knickknacks, or any other purpose. Consider how you can put your favorite items on display to capture your style and make a classy—and functional—statement. 

5. When in Doubt, Choose Decorative Mirrors

Bassett Furniture decorative mirror for interior design trends

Not only do decorative mirrors add an authentic touch to your space, but they also make a smaller room feel more spacious and open. Interior design trends continue to emphasize openness, so even if you have a smaller living room or bedroom, find mirrors to spruce up your wall. 

Give your home the refresher it needs this spring or summer with interior design favorites from Bassett Furniture. Browse some of the rooms we love for inspiration, or give us a call today so one of our design consultants can give you the room makeover you've been waiting for!

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