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How Do You Keep Furniture From Sliding On A Wood Floor?

When you’ve got beautiful wood floors, you often have to grapple with the problem of sliding furniture. It can scratch and scar the beauty of the wood every time you sit down. So how do you keep that gorgeous new modern lving room furniture from sliding and scratching your wood floor? We did some brainstorming around the office and have listed a few methods. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Try the idea that works best for your situation and budget.

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Are felt pads the answer?

You’ll often see the furniture surfaces that touch the floor covered with felt pads to protect the wood flooring. This is a common solution that works well for protecting wood flooring. The problem is that the furniture still slides. This can be incredibly frustration when you try to sit down and the seating moves from underneath you. There is a better way…

How Velcro Can Keep Furniture from Sliding

Velcro is a very cost effective way to solve this problem. You can buy Velcro adhesive grippers in almost any major department store. About the size of a nickel, they come in packs of anywhere from 6 to a dozen and have an adhesive side and a grip side. Just peel off the protector on the adhesive side and stick them to the feet of your sofa, table and/or chairs. The cushiony bottom keeps the furniture from sliding and since they’re so small, they’re inconspicuous. This is by personal favorite as it appeals to my senses of practicality and budget.

Keep Furniture from sliding and add beauty with an area rug.

This is another great solution but requires a little more of a budget since you’re buying an area rug. You don’t want to buy the first cheap area rug you see just because it solves the problem.

However, any area rug will prevent your furniture from moving as you sit in it. Just make sure the area rug covers the entire area of your furniture plus a few feet. And, make sure you use non-slip padding underneath your rug to protect your floor and make sure the rug doesn’t slide.

Bassett can help.

Whether you’re looking for beautiful solid wood furniture or the right area rug to keep it from sliding, you’ll find the ideal look for you at Bassett Furniture. If 100% American Made furniture is important to you, check out our Bench Made line of custom made wood furniture. In search of beautiful area rugs? No problem. Just visit your nearest Bassett showroom and browse the floor. Furniture consultants are there to answer any questions you may have. See you soon!

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