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Living Room Furniture Arrangements With A Fireplace and TV | Tips

When your living room has a fireplace and a TV, setting up a perfect arrangement with your furniture could mean the difference between clutter and comfort. An inviting living room design should be relaxing for guests as well as entertaining for family and friends alike. Organize your life with furniture that reflects your personality.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Tips | Fireplace & TV Focal Points

Bassett Furniture Living Room Arrangement

For living rooms with a fireplace and a TV that are on opposing walls, your first step in finding the right furniture arrangement should be figuring out which focal point gets top priority.

  • Your sofa shouldn’t block the view of the fireplace. Instead, place a chair or recliner near or next to the fireplace, allowing you or guests to bask in the warmth while sitting in turns, and leaving room for standing conversations at your next gathering.
  • Adding a decorative rug to compliment your sofa is great, but it’s always a good idea to keep rugs away from the fireplace – so watch the length.
  • Arrange your living room furniture so that there is a consistent flow and ease of movement to and from the fireplace. Coffee tables and ottomans are a perfect addition to any room size or configuration as long as they aren’t floating around like lost ships at sea, or cutting off a pathway.

For living rooms with a TV mounted above the fireplace, you won’t have to worry about Feng shui dangling over your head. The focus is all in one place.

Arranging Furniture by Room Shape

Bassett Furniture Living Room Arrangement with Fireplace and TV

Next, comes the shape of your room. Your décor should reflect ease of mobility and economy of space. HGTV recommends arranging your furniture based on three basic room types:

1.) Long living rooms can feel like a hallway without the right arrangement. By strategically placing a variety of smaller pieces—such as bookcases, open shelving, chaises, accent tables, or ottomans—you’ll still retain a sense of space and comfort without feeling claustrophobic.

2.) Open living rooms need definition. Make an intimate space around your fireplace with creative seating areas. Instead of two sofas facing one another or furniture glued to the walls in your open living room, pull your furniture to the middle of the room. Arrange chaises positioned around a decorative coffee table. Free floating ottomans are great conversation pieces. But keep it simple! You want your guests to feel comfortable enough to both plop down and watch a movie or make a bee-line to the fireplace to keep warm.

3.) Square living rooms should be treated as open living rooms, in that furniture works best when facing away from the walls. Angle your recliner and throw an oval decorative table into the mix and you’ll create the illusion of space.

Find furniture for your room arrangement that reflects your style. For quality craftsmanship with flair, you won’t find a better solution to home furnishings than Basset Furniture.

The Best for Your Living Room with Bassett Furniture

At Bassett, your comfort is our business. While you’re browsing for the perfect sofa and chair combo for your living room arrangement on our website, take advantage of our Room Planner Design Tool, which allows you to customize your living room step by step for a variety of configurations and sizes.

Contact our Design Consultants today or find a Bassett Furniture location near you.



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