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Standard Loveseat Size

While loveseat dimensions vary, most loveseats are four to six feet long (measured arm to arm) and about 37 inches deep; however, the dimensions of a loveseat differ according to style and shape. There are many dimensions that affect a loveseat's appearance and fit in a room. Learn how to find the right size for your space!

Dimensions and Size of a Loveseat

The first dimension most people think about when choosing a loveseat is the length. While length is certainly important for determining fit, other dimensions are just as important to the overall look and fit in a room.  

The standard loveseat size height is 20 or 21 inches above the floor, but size is not just about length, depth, and height. The physical appearance of your loveseat depends largely on the styling. A sleek, trim design may have the same dimensions as an overstuffed loveseat with puffy back cushions and rounded padded arms, but the overstuffed loveseat will appear much larger in your room. 

Bassett Furniture loveseat

Carlisle loveseat: Height: 36.50" Width: 62.50" Depth: 41.00"

Loveseats in Various Sizes

Bassett Furniture loveseat

Hamilton loveseat: Height: 38.00" Width: 62.50" Depth: 37.00"

Apartment-sized furniture is scaled down to fit in smaller spaces and through smaller hallways. Apartment-sized loveseats are no longer than 58 inches and can be as small as 30 inches in depth. This shallower depth is usually achieved by reducing the depth of the back cushion in order to maintain sufficient seat size. 

But even standard loveseats come in a variety of sizes to fit every home, including:

  • Compact twin-size loveseats. These sit one person and measure 45 to 51 inches long with a depth and height of 28 inches.
  • Small standard loveseats that measure 52 inches long arm to arm.
  • Medium loveseats are slightly larger that the small at 58 inches long.
  • Full loveseats can be as long as 64 inches from arm to arm.
  • Loveseat sofas can easily accommodate two people and measure 71 inches in length.

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