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3 Mirror Decorating Ideas You'll Love

Mirrors are anything but boring. We think every room should have at least one mirror in it, and there are plenty of unconventional mirror decorating ideas you can use to create a focal point for a dining room, living room, or hallway. Here are three of our favorites.

Make a Mirror Gallery | Mirror Decorating Tip #1

Want to dress up your hallway or a small, under-appreciated corner of your home? Cluster several small mirrors together to make a mirror wall gallery. This is a technique that works especially well on staircases; rather than hanging up a series of school photos, a classy collection of mirrors will wow your guests and open up this confined space. Buy mirrors in interesting shapes and tie the look together with a certain style of frame. 

Buy Mirrored Furniture | Mirror Decorating Tip #2

Go beyond conventional mirrors and seek out furniture that aligns with your personal taste. Choose items that will be located in low-traffic areas, such as a buffet or credenza for your dining room. You're looking for beautiful style, not something that attracts smudgy fingerprints. Another great option is to use a finished glass, such as the Presidio Mirrored Bachelor's Chest. Mirrors don't have to be shiny; try a hammered look or an antique patina, which won't show fingerprints as easily as a polished mirror.

Mirrors Used as Art | Mirror Decorating Tip #3

Anything you hang on your wall should be beautiful enough that it's considered artwork, and mirrors are no exception. Your mirrors should never be boring, especially when there are so many ways to incorporate excitement! Search for mirrors that have any one of the following:

A mirror can take the place of any picture or photograph in your home, including on your nightstands. A tabletop mirror adds a Victorian element to your decorating, and freestanding full-length mirrors appear charming and bohemian. There's no wrong way to decorate with mirrors. However, if you find yourself needing an extra hand to design the room you love, contact the design consultants at Bassett Furniture!

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