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Mismatched Furniture in the Bedroom

Whether you've collected your mismatched bedroom furniture over time, or its been handed down to you from various family members, you don't have to give away any of your cherished items to create a cohesive decorating style. These simple guidelines will help you keep your look stylish.

Embrace the mismatched Furniture in Your Bedroom

Don't rush to throw something away just because it doesn't match your current furniture exactly. There are plenty of incredibly beautiful bedrooms that combine a mishmash of styles into something that works. Designer Bunny Williams says that the only real rule to decorating is that "if you love something, it will work." At Bassett Furniture, we couldn't agree more! Don't be afraid to break with convention if you're creating a room that makes you smile every morning and evening.

Bassett Furniture Mismatched Furniture Bedroom

Add cohesive accessories

A metal night table and a wooden dresser don't have to clash. You can use accessories to hide certain details, while accentuating what makes each item of furniture so beautiful. Make easy changes, such as swapping out your hardware. If you pick a unique drawer pull, the eye will be drawn to those similarities rather than the different finishes. 

Color is a great way to create a sense of continuity in a bedroom full of mismatched furniture. Look for patterns with varying shades of the same hue. You don't have to reupholster your chairs; just add a pillow or throw blanket that echoes the colors in your bedspread or curtains. 

Match key pieces

Everything in your bedroom doesn't have to match, but if you don't like the eclectic look, you can retain some of your mismatched furniture and simply purchase a few matching essentials. The most important items are your bed, nightstand(s), and dresser.

Because your night tables are so close to your bed, the eye is naturally drawn from one to the other. While wooden beds are beautiful, upholstered beds tend to work better with mismatched pieces since you aren't trying to match stains.

Bassett Furniture Palisades Upholstered Panel Bed

Are you trying to incorporate your existing furniture with brand new pieces? At Bassett Furniture, we aren't just experts in furniture; our design team also excels at interior decorating. We can help you find the perfect pieces to go with your bedroom - matched or not! Find a store near you today!

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