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Modern Bedroom Ideas

What are the basic tenets of modern bedroom design? A modern bedroom is minimalist, without extra flourishes or frills. With sleek, smooth lines and curves, we love the sophistication of modern bedrooms. Ideas that incorporate modern design and add a touch of elegance highlight these tenets.

Minimalism and Modern Bedroom Ideas

If you're looking for ideas for a small bedroom, remember one thing, Less is more. If you don't need it, then it doesn't belong there! Focus on function rather than form (although you can definitely have both!). Also, consider how you can implement simple circulation on one side of the room: a design tip that helps you utilize the space you have in the most efficient way possible. 

A headboard shouldn't be the focal point of your modern bedroom since its primary purpose is to keep your pillows in place. A sleigh bed or four-poster bed would look out of place in a modern bedroom. Look for simple, basic furnishings that don't appear overly engineered.

Dark Woods and Silver Finishes

Embrace modern bedroom ideas that emphasize black and white. Unlike traditional design, modern decorating doesn't accent natural elements. Darker finishes are a must, and hardware should be silver in color rather than gold. Stay away from shiny, polished hardware finishes. Oil rubbed nickel, chrome, or pewter are much more in keeping with modern aesthetic ideals. 

Need Bedroom Ideas? Modern, Sleek Lines Are In

In accordance with the minimalist attitude, a modern bedroom will focus on straight lines and geometric shapes. A rectangular nightstand has a much more modern feel than a night table with Queen Anne's legs. Clean, straight lines should reign throughout your modern bedroom, from the drawer pulls to the headboard to the mirror. Avoid ornate pieces and focus on sleek, streamlined items that lack rounded edges and soft curves.

Modern Bedroom Ideas

At Bassett, we have several pieces of bedroom furniture that epitomize modern design. Take a look at some of our favorite rooms to get a better idea of what modern design looks like in action:

  • This contemporary bedroom emphasizes the stark contrast between black and white. 
  • While a sleigh bed isn't usually seen as modern, this room gets bonus points for its sleek lines and metal patinas.
  • Try not to spend all day browsing these incredible modern bedrooms from HGTV!

Remember, less is more with modern design. Everything should have a purpose of some kind. A simple color scheme and straight lines will make any bedroom look modern.

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