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Modern-rustic Home Interior Design Ideas, Pictures, Decor

Are you intrigued by the modern-rustic style home that is lately becoming so popular? Do you wonder what kind of interior design elements will help to enhance the architectural design of the house? Discover 8 simple ways to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your modern-rustic home. 

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Features of the Modern-Rustic Home | Interior Design Tips

Modern-rustic home interior design marries the earthy, organic lines and textures of the great outdoors with the cool, clean lines of modern styling. A few characteristics define a modern-rustic home. They include:

  • An open floor plan for clean sight lines
  • Large windows to create a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors
  • Exposed wood, stone, brick architectural features that emphasize the authenticity of the structure
  • Modern furniture to contrast with the surrounding natural elements, creating a happy dissonance

Modern-Rustic Home Decor

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A home with a distinctive modern-rustic style needs interior design elements that compliment the architectural style. Natural fibers and textures, neutral colors and simple patterns, raw wood juxtaposed to the sleek lines of mid-century furniture all illuminated by lots of natural light from oversized windows complete the modern-rustic style. 

Here are 8 tips for decorating a modern-rustic home:

  1. Use exposed wooden beams as close to the natural state as possible lend a warm, weight and rustic appeal to any room.
  2. Use wide-plank wood for floors and paneling. Choose natural or neutral-colored stains or leave unfinished. 
  3. Fireplaces mimic our first and very basic form of heat and are guaranteed to create a rustic look as well as provide natural warmth and beauty. Use heavy, natural stone or brick for the mantel. 
  4. Paint walls white to brighten natural wood features of the home. Or integrate other neutral, earth tones that don't distract from the home's feeling of being in a natural setting. Sandstone, rich browns and tans and forest green and sage bring the serenity of nature into your home. 
  5. Use only natural fabrics for upholstered furniture and rugs. Linen, wool, leather and canvas are complimentary choices.
  6. Incorporate the various, rich textures of nature with jute mats, intricately shaped tree branches, woven baskets and intriguing rock formations and driftwood.  
  7. Fill your modern-rustic home with understated flowers and plants. Steer away from fussy, frilly looks. Dried eucalyptus, a terrarium filled with succulents, and a simple vase of Queen Anne's Lace make excellent choices. 
  8. Choose minimalist window treatments that allow as much natural light in as possible and lend a simple, unpretentious elegance to your modern-rustic home. 

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