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Most Durable Couch | Furniture Fabric Tips

How can you find the most durable couch for your space? You can sit on it to assess it's comfort and how sturdy it is, but lots of couches feel sturdy when they are new. Finding the couch that will still feel sturdy after years takes a little bit of knowledge. The most durable couch in the showroom is easy to find when you know what to look for. These five guidelines will help. 

5 Features of a Durable Couch

Bassett Furniture Allure sofa

You'll be attracted to a couch by its design, size, and color. Now look deeper to see what makes it a couch that will hold up to everyday wear and tear. 

1. Wear- and stain-resistant fabric. You can find durable synthetics as well as natural fabrics for your couch. Many synthetics these days come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and can be made to look and feel more like natural fabrics. They have the added benefit of being highly stain resistant. 

Durable synthetic choices include:

  • Solution-dyed acrylics (often used for outdoor furniture): can be made to look like natural fabric but are much more durable and almost impossible to stain
  • Blended polyester

Dog and cat owners need to pay special attention to the fabric of their couches, especially if the pets are allowed to climb up and snuggle. Ultrasuede makes an excellent choice because they are easy to clean, soft and cats are generally not interested in scratching it.

Leather is not only durable, but it resists odor and pet hair and is easy to clean. Solution-dyed acrylics commonly used for outdoor furniture are highly durable yet soft to the touch and very easy to clean. 

2. Sturdy frame. Look for a frame made using thicker laminated hardwoods.

3. Interlocking frame. Look for an interlocking frame; this means fewer joints with fewer, larger pieces of wood in order to have the lowest number of stress points possible.

4. Heavy metal springs. Springs made of thin metal will give too much and weaken quickly with wear. Sit on the couch and feel the springs — they should be tightly spaced and firm. 

5. High-resilient (HR) foam filling. Slightly more expensive than high-density polyurethane foam, HR foam is both durable and comfortable. 

How to Keep Your Durable Couch Looking and Feeling Like New

Bassett Furniture Leather Couch

Even the most durable couch needs some care to maintain its fabric and structure. Monthly vacuuming will keep food, dust, and other debris from getting ground into your couch's upholstery, making it last longer and looking new. 

Find beautiful couches in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles that you can enjoy for years to come at Bassett Furniture.  



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