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Newborn Baby Nursery

You have plenty to think about as you prepare for the arrival of your newborn baby, especially if you are a first-time parent. Luckily, there are only a few essential items you need for the nursery and the home as soon as your baby is born. The rest can be gathered after your baby arrives.

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A Few Essential Items for Baby's Nursery

When you welcome your baby into the world, the first thing you will notice is how simple a newborn baby's life is. Food goes in then comes out. Baby gets cleaned, baby sleeps, baby wakes. That's pretty much it. So you don't need a lot of things for your newborn baby's nursery or for your home. 


Newborn babies spend most of their time sleeping — about 16 hours in a 24 hour period! Here's what you'll need:

  • Crib or bassinet. Make sure to check the latest safety regulations and recommended sleeping positions.  Convertible cribs grow with your baby and can last well into the toddler years until your child is ready for a bed without rails. 
  • Waterproof mattress and mattress pads. At least three fitted sheets.
  • Pacifiers (optional as some parents are opposed to them, and some babies do not take to them. But if you are not opposed and your baby does prefer them, they can be a mommy's best little helper!)
  • Nightlight to make nighttime feedings easier on sleepy parents and hungry babies
  • Baby monitor

Did you know Bassett's cribs can actually be converted to full beds? Purchasing a crib from Bassett can last well into adult years, with the proper conversion kit.

Daytime activities

  • baby carrier/car seat
  • stroller
  • rocking chair or glider for feeding and relaxing with baby
  • receiving blankets for swaddling baby

Baby Shower Gifts for Newborn's Nursery

These are some items that can be gathered after the baby arrives or can be requested as gifts at a baby shower:

  • books
  • bookshelf for a baby's growing library
  • toys for grabbing and teething
  • over-the-crib mobile

Be sure to check out Bassett's entire collection of nursery furniture from convertible cribs to changing tables. 



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