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Office Feng Shui Desk Placement

According to the rules of feng shui, every aspect of our being is related to the placement of objects in our environment. This ancient practice focuses on managing qi or chi, the energy that flows around us. Follow these guidelines to design an office according to the principles of feng shui.

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is based on the philosophy that homes reflect the state of the people dwelling in them, and the purpose of feng shui is to get your environment aligned with who you are and who you want to be: harmonizing your energy with your house's energy.

How Can I Use Feng Shui in my Office?

Feng shui can be taken into account when constructing a building from the ground up, but you can also arrange the elements within your home or office to take advantage of its properties as well. These guidelines will help you orient your desk, chair, and other office equipment so that they are in accordance with the basic principles of feng shui.


Use ambient light wherever possible, and avoid fixtures that point straight down or act as spotlights. These focus energy in one place rather than bathing the entire space in a warm light.


If you meet with people in your office, try to seat them with their backs to the wall rather than a window or doorway. This makes people feel safe.

Decor and Accessories

Mirrors enhance the natural light of your room and help qi to recirculate, but they should reflect something you enjoy looking at. Don't hang your mirror in a place that reflects your copy machine or printer. Instead, reflect your bookcase or a picture you love.

Decorate your office with images and items that remind you of success and happiness. Reflect the energy that you want to feel each day. Trophies, ribbons, or portraits of successful people whom you admire are all appropriate. Stay away from tranquil images such as sandy beaches, which may not be as motivating for work. 

Desk Placement

Bassett Furniture Office Feng Shui Desk Placement

Place your desk in the commanding position. You don't want your back to the door, and your desk should be positioned far away from it. Ideally, you can position your desk so you won't be facing a wall but instead, can gaze out a window. If this isn't possible, decorate the wall with art or top your desk with energy-enhancing greenery to keep things lively. 

The circle is a powerful symbol in feng shui, and it represents wealth. A circular desk is a wonderful choice for a feng shui office. If you can't find a circular desk you like, consider a using a circular dining room table as a desk. Just make sure you have plenty of storage in your office, as clutter is detrimental to the flow of qi.

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