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Inspiring Pictures of Sofas and Pillows

At Bassett, we're not just all about sofas. Pillows are our thing, too. We're here to help you mix and match sofas, pillows and other living room decor until you have the perfect room for your individual aestetic.

To find the perfect arrangement for your sofa pillows, you have to ask yourself a few questions: How many is too many? What kinds of colors and patterns should you use? What's the best way to place your pillows? We're sharing some of our favorite pictures of pillow-laden sofas so you can get inspired!

Pillows on Sofas: Pictures and Design Ideas

Bassett Furniture pillows on sofa

When designing a room, a picture say a thousand words. In the picture above, the combination of blue and gold create a look athat can only be described as the epitome of elegance. With two-patterned pillows and two solid colored pillows, the fabric isn't overwhelming but still picks up on the accent colors. The tan of the patterned pillows matches the fabric on the couch, and the silver rope detail trimming the blue pillows give them panache.

Bassett Furniture pillows on sofa

Adding pillows to a sectional can be difficult because the placement isn't always obvious. The two bolster pillows on either end of this sectional provide support, and the combination of a larger pattern, a small print, a textured cream pillow, and solid colored cushions is perfect. Each fabric echoes an element of the living room, so nothing looks out of place. 

Bassett Furniture pillows on sofa

This gorgeous sofa proves that you can experiment with several different fabrics, as long as you stay within the same color family. The fringed pillow uses the same fabric as the accent chair, and all of the cushions use varying shades of white, light green, and blue. The vine fabric on the rectangular pillow has a jungle flair that imitates the leafy pattern on the area rug.

Bassett Furniture pillows on sofa

Blue and white are classic colors for a traditional home, and this living room is a wonderful example of why that look is so beloved. The traditional 2:2:1 pillow arrangement looks inviting but not overwhelming, and the symmetry is pleasing to the eye. While there are several patterns in this room (on the rug, accent chair, and pillows), they each incorporate the same shades of blue and white.

If you want multiple patterns on your pillows, take your cue from this design rule of thumb: use one small pattern and one larger print. Add in a matching solid with accent trimming, and you've got the perfect pillow arrangement!

Sofas, Pillows and Much More

At Bassett Furniture, we find inspiration everywhere. We've curated a gallery of the rooms we love, so you can easily browse and shop for furniture that you'll know looks perfect together. Find your perfect living room here!

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